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Access Denied

Exposure and Availability of Cannabis unfortunately do not go hand in hand in 2021 

Cannabis and the laws shaped around the plant are most definitely not created equal across America. A loved one suffering in one state may know everything there is about cannabis and how it may potentially help them but there is nowhere to go. Today, access to information can be found all over social media and the internet. Interested in learning more about edibles? There’s a page for that. Want to watch your favorite farm in action? No problem. Following a cannabis company or brand is accessible to everyone no matter the location or local laws.


Cannabis itself however is not yet accessible to everyone. Each state that creates a legal structure around medical or adult use cannabis is forced to start from scratch. If a dispensary opens up in Arizona the owners are not simply able to contact their favorite brand in California and order up a certain quantity of inventory for their store. It is illegal to transport cannabis over any state lines even if both states have legal laws established. Although information, brand recognition, and community can be spread equally across state lines, the product itself is still held captive.

The “Black Market”

The same quality product a medical patient receives in one state could be drastically different from what a patient receives in another state. The “black market” in states where cannabis remains illegal can’t possibly source the same quality product as states with professional grade facilities. This creates a new level of danger when exposing yourself to cannabis products in states where access remains denied.

Searching for Access

Cannabis tourism and cannabis migration have skyrocketed since states began to legalize cannabis in 2014. The issue at hand is, not everyone is able to move or to go on an elaborate vacation centered around consuming cannabis. Some people are extremely sick and could benefit from these products but have no legal way to access anything. As exposure and education increase, so does demand. The desire to try anything new that may help a condition that has been impeding life for so long is a real drive in some. States that pass legislation in favor of cannabis and delay any form of action only add to this issue.

Access Denied

Access denied is more than the ability to go to a store and buy a joint. Access denied is a real problem and all the more reason to keep fighting not only for legalization within states but for legalization across state lines. Businesses that have pioneered products with extreme care and consistency deserve recognition in person and not only online. Medical patients having the ability to request popular brands in cannabis should be just as simple as asking their doctor about the latest ad they saw.

If access denied isn’t relevant to you because cannabis is legal in your state, think about the next time you want to get on a plane or a car and venture out past the borders. You could be entering into a whole new world where access denied is still a very real thing. Continuing to share or create relevant information online for cannabis is a very 2021 way of advocating for more access. Access granted will come to us all someday. Until then let’s continue to speak out and abide by the laws we have seen passed to date. I wish you all peace and one love. 

Kelly Anne Walborn Ferraro is a long time lover of cannabis in all forms. She got married to her amazing partner, Anthony Ferraro on October 2, 2021! Kelly spends a majority of her time helping companies hire dedicated tech teams. Kelly shares about her personal journey with cannabis and some of the experiences she has had in the past. Check out some of their short form videos about how Anthony tackles the world as a blind man. The Ferraro’s end all their creative pieces with the message of “One Love”.


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