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5 Disposables We Love

Our cannabis industry has come a long way since the early days, and the rise of disposable vape pens can’t be ignored. These convenient and discreet vape pens have made it easier than ever for us to enjoy cannabis concentrates on the go, without having to worry about cleanup or large, complicated rigs and devices. In this article, we’ve put together five disposable vape pens that we absolutely love. Any of these disposables is a good buy and we recommend trying them all to see which you prefer. Our criteria when judging a vape pen is flavor, consistency of smoke, overall high effect, battery life, and ease of use. Remember, just because a vape pen is labeled as disposable doesn’t mean it isn’t refillable and chargeable, most of these pens are able to be reused many times. With quality materials, these disposables are durable and long-lasting. Check out our top 5 disposables (in no particular order) and find your favorite!

House Exotics | Florida Pie Disposable Vape

These are some exotic genetics available to enjoy on the go. Florida Pie is a strain made famous by Jungle Boys Genetics who are some of the best cultivators in the world. The lineage of this strain is Pie Hoe crossed with TK Bx1. TK Bx1 is a Triangle Kush and Larry OG cross whose exact genetics are unknown and can never be found in seed form. TK Bx1 is a clone only strain and is cross bred with many other strains to produce a lot of Jungle Boy's unique strains. This particular pod is made with High Terpene Extract which means all cannabinoids are derived from the strain specifically: no distillate and no added terps. The flavor was sweet with an earthy kush undertone. One of the best ways to medicate on the go.


Sauce | Blueberry Kush Disposable Vape

The Sauce disposable pens are pure in effects and cannabis flavor, classy in appearance, and just all-around pure class. Each flavor tastes hash-inspired, with true cannabis flavors and effects. We recommend the Sauce in our Top 5 Disposables list for 2023. So far, I have been impressed with every purchase from the Sauce brand, and the Blueberry Kush was no exception. This is a clean, satisfying high accompanied by a pronounced cannabis flavor. The sleek, colorful unit leaves users more confident to put on view in public. Sauce checks the boxes for excellent disposable vape in appearance, price, taste, and effectiveness.


Co2lors | Strawberry Lemonade Vape Pen

Another delicious vaporizer flavor from Co2lors! This one is a subtle mix of sweet and tart, and is reminiscent of a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. This is an awesome disposable vape for a great price, and as a hybrid, offers a balanced high where you'll feel bubbly, chatty, and relaxed, but still able to go about your business as usual. Bonus, these are both rechargeable AND refillable with their 1g Refill Kit!


Grow Sciences | White Truffle Live Resin Cartridge

White Truffle is a phenotype of Gorilla Butter which is an indica dominant cross between GG4 and PeanutButter Breath. This strain is known for its trichome rich appearance as well as the earthy, savory onion scent and flavor. A potent strain with nice relaxing effects now enjoyable on the go with these new live resin cartridges from Grow Sciences. A nice affordable cartridge made with real cannabis material and terps, no added artificial flavors or lack of cannabinoids.


High Grade | Sauce Cart

Made with live resin high-terpene extract, this pen is more focused on flavor than potency, but terpenes are really what we want from cannabis anyway. Terpenes are the active hydrocarbons in cannabis that give different flavors as well as effects, making this extremely flavorful and potent, even though it may contain a lower THC content than your typical distillate vape. You might be surprised by the effects of a higher terpene extract, even when the THC levels aren’t extreme. If you experience anxiety when smoking concentrates, the presence of terpenes will mitigate the anxious effect brought on by pure THC vapes.

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