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Zkittlez Cannagar by Glorious Extracts x @SmokeeeJ

Zkittlez | Cannagar Glorious Extracts x @SmokeeeJ | Nirvana Center

This Zkittlez Cannagar from the homie @smokeeej and the team over at Glorious Extracts is sure to get the party going. When I say party, it is because this cannagar will pack a punch and burn FOREVER so unless you’re a experienced smoker, I do not recommend smoking this alone. This particular cannagar was made with Zkittlez flower inside of a hemp wrap with Banana Split Live Resin and Purple Mountain Majesty Kief covering the exterior. With the Zkittlez being an indica dominant strain, the effects were very relaxing. If you do decide to smoke one of these bad boys solo, don’t be afraid to put it out and save it for later use back in the tube it came in. Also, I recommend taking long, slow drags from any cannagar you may consume. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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