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Zenco | Duo Vaporizer


Zenco | Duo Vaporizer

I first saw the Zenco Duo Vaporizer in action at Spannabis this past March in Barcelona. It was filled about a ⅓ of the way with orange juice, then as they pressed the button, it filled the rest of the way with cannabis vapor. The Zenco Duo is similar to any other vaporizer and works with any standard 510 vape cartridge. It also comes with a dab coil insert to use with any concentrates or dry herb. Just put your desired concentrate/flower in, place the glass on top and press the button once to fill the glass. It comes with two dishwasher-safe glasses so you can share. At $250, I would never recommend this for the average casual cannabis user, but for someone looking for a way to show off, experiment with different vaping methods or a way to quickly infuse liquids with cannabis flavor, this is an interesting gift idea. I would be ecstatic to receive this as a gift. Check it out at for a video showing how it works.



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