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Yilo Superstore Sold CoronaV Tincture; Attorney General says…Not a Chance!

[April 6, 2020] Coronavirus is the super villain of 2020 and scammers are quick to come up with everything from immunity shields, cures and fake stimulus checks to take advantage of people.

One local Phoenix dispensary was ordered by the Arizona Attorney General to pull their tincture off the shelf after touting it as an “Immunization Stabilizer” called CoronaV. Yilo Superstore listed instructions on their website for how to mix the sodium chlorite solution with water and dose yourself. This is dangerous and should be taken seriously. Whether or not they’re trying to defraud people they should absolutely not be offering medical advice regarding the Coronavirus or any other virus.

Behavior like this shows that they’re willing to make a quick buck and even sacrifice cannabis image as legitimate medicine. Be careful where you spend your dollars and where you buy your cannabis. Make sure you shop with companies that support your community truly. We believe in every one of our sponsors because they care about patients and they care about us making a beautiful magazine for you each month. Profits are secondary and like Johnny at Green Gene Genetics says, “We grow for show not for dough.”

There’s lots of great companies out there but feel free to ask the staff questions about ownership and if they like working there. You’ll be able to tell sometimes by the atmosphere and the way you are treated by staff. And whatever you do do not shop at a dispensary that advises you about the Coronavirus or any other medical advice.

Yilo Dispensary has pulled the Corona V tincture from their shelves but have not returned calls to comment about this story. Hopefully, they will release a statement about the tincture and why the decision to sell under the name CoronaV.

We saw the story break on and immediately called the dispensary for a statement. They haven’t offered a comment yet.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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