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What is Full Melt Hash and How do I Smoke It?

More than likely, if you’re picking up some full melt hash, you know what you are looking for and know more than likely you’re in for something special. If you missed my review of some phenomenal Lemon Tree Full Melt that I picked up from The Superior Dispensary, I did do a quick rundown of what full melt is but I will go ahead and explain it a bit more in depth. Although full melt is a solventless extract, it is not rosin. Full melt hash is the collection of the heads of the trichomes from cannabis plant material. Trichomes are the source of resin and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and the heads of these trichomes are packed with THC and terpenes. These heads, when collected properly, will melt at lower temperatures. So instead of having to smoke this like traditional hash you can dab it. This type of hash will melt fully in your banger but will leave some residue as there is still plant matter in the extract.

The collection of these trichome heads is performed one of two ways, dry sift or washing. Dry sift is the process of using screens and agitation to separate the trichomes from dried cannabis material. The dry sift method seems to be not as favorable amongst hash producers as washing live plant material and is usually used to press for hash rosin. Hash made from washing live or freshly frozen material is also called bubble hash or ice water hash. The collection of trichomes in ice water hash is performed with just that… ice water. Ice water and a series of filter bags separates the trichomes from live or freshly frozen cannabis material. The different sizes in the series of bags then separates just the heads from the rest of the trichomes while still being agitated in icy water. Once this process is done, you’re left with a light colored creamy looking wet glob that reminds me of melting ice cream. This glob is the heads of all the trichomes that were collected during the previous process, but with all the moisture still in it, it’s not usable just yet. This wet material is scooped out and placed on trays with parchment paper that go into the freeze dryer to remove any excess moisture. What emerges after the drying process is a beautiful beach sand looking material that is full melt hash.

So, if you do go out and find this solventless treat or it’s your first-time trying hash and just don’t know how to consume this product, no worries, there are a couple different ways. So, although it is full melt and can be dabbed, you don’t necessarily need to dab it. This hash can be enjoyed in the traditional manners of sprinkling some in a joint or topping a bowl. Now, if you’re dabbing it, I can say that because of its beach sand like consistency, it can sometimes be a little tricky to work with. Also, a lot of times when going to scoop a dab the stickiness of these heads can sometimes make it a little difficult as well. What I find works best for me is almost like slicing a pie. I use my flattest dab tool to slice in, get under and scoop onto a piece of parchment paper, or if there’s any loose pieces I will just dump them out of the container onto the paper. Once the hash is on the parchment paper, I fold it making sure to leave the hash centered and just use my hands and fingers to press the hash flat into a “flag”. The heat and pressure from your hands should be enough to flatten it out into a more workable sliceable consistency. (although I did see a guy put it in his shoe once)

So once all those steps are complete and you have a flag on your tool, do not just go in after heating your nail or even dab like you would just any other concentrate. Please do yourself a favor and let the nail cool down, or even though I’m personally not a fan, do a cold start. This grade of hash is not cheap, and you definitely do not want to waste any by burning it instead of melting it. I found that every type of full melt I have gotten has been a little different, requiring different temperatures on each but usually about 450 degrees has done pretty well on most dabs of full melt. The residue that the full melt will leave is waste, do not reheat it. It can also be a pain to clean out. But other than that, I’m a fan of full melt and I think you need to try some at least twice because the first may not always be your best experience. Even if you don’t dab, try some. It can be expensive because the process and small yield it produces, but it’s worth every penny. If you’re local and looking for a treat like this, I would go visit The Superior Dispensary and if you go just remember to tell them The Cannabis Cactus let you know where the fire is.



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