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Welcome To Errl Stock 2018! This Ain’t Your Parents’ WoodStock

Camp Verde, Arizona… October 25-26, 2018.

WELCOME TO ERRL STOCK 2018 FOR SURE… And yes indeed we all felt welcomed!

Can you say “frantic panic attack”?! Not gonna lie – this one, I cut a little close to the bone. My best friend Mikey was my PIC, for this (partner in crime- for the uninitiated); agreeing he drives to Jackpot Ranch, I get the bill for the fabulous room/breakfast included. The fly in the ointment being, Mikey’s MMJ Card was expired 2 weeks prior to our departure date for the festival. Since this was a medicated event, having a valid card was crucial for all attendees. We had concern here… big time. What to do?

I scrambled, and thought clearly every which way I could about how to get this issue resolved. Went to the clinic first, got the evaluation, and State submission sorted out, then came the fun part? Would/could the trusted mailman deliver by Friday!? Hmmmmm…

And we waited. Thursday rolled around and BINGO. YES!!!! ADHS had sent us a brand spankin’ new card, printed, signed, sealed and delivered. We were cleared for takeoff and off to Camp Verde we went!

Sun shining on an amazing Friday afternoon; Wu Tang, Afroman, and Cyprus Hill jamming’ to the tunes! No traffic, clear sailing ahead… nothing but lots of pleasant anticipation and funky beats.

We arrive in no time to clean air, awesome scenery and a cooler climate. All is good! And gets even better… calm surroundings, and now I could practically smell the anticipated aromas of cannabis – 2 miles away – excited to check out Jackpot Ranch, with all it had to offer in the experience.

Preconceived notions were always in my minds eye… so we were psyched and at the festival the sun was just pushing into the dusk phase of the day. Friday was a set up, and chill day. For the campers staying on the property, all was calm and peaceful with a delightful skunk smell of some Kush in the air… Very nice!

I coincidentally made friends with one of the events organizers, introducing myself as a journalist, and kindly, he picked up on my anticipation of partaking in some of the festivals’ festivities (cough cough – quite literally) and so kindly obliged.

We were standing around playing “puff puff pass” with a perfectly rolled L when he graciously invited us to come along to hang out and toke with his group, and the participants/ entourage responsible for all the Errl branded events. An all encompassing – calm, cool, collected ambience; happy pappies topped off with great vibes and great reefer!


The same vibes carried through all day Saturday – vendors, music, new games, food, prizes, smoke seshes, lots of friendly people, with some of the most profound smoking circles, I’ve experienced. Not excluding one of the nicest selections of stoner food catering to the cause – Great food trucks aka ‘roach coaches’.

Extremely social, warm and fuzzy acceptance, super diverse range of Peeps. Now, a feeling of total anticipation once again, for the next Errl event…. Errl Cup 2019, will be stellar I’m sure.

That’s my take, see ya next month. Peace and happiness, Sean Stevenson

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