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Weird Flex Sesh | Interview

Since meeting with Jesse and Tyler and doing our interview a couple months back, I have had the pleasure of seshing with them quite a few times. One thing I must say is that I leave wherever we are like a cake every single time. These dudes definitely know how to have a good time in the community.

First was an invite to a Sovereignty Glass sesh hosted by Jason Horn @sirhigh on Instagram in his condo that is more than 20 stories up, not far from his shop – High Maintenance Smoke Shop in Downtown Tempe. This session was definitely a good time for Sov collectors and flower smokers as almost everyone there brought a Sovereignty Glass tube and some good weed. At one point, I counted 33 Sovereignty glass bongs, with them retailing anywhere between $400 – $1500 and even 3-5 thousand under very special circumstances. It’s safe to say there was $30,000 worth of just bongs there between Sov collectors. The Homies from Weird Flex brought about 7 to the table.

The second session that I was invited to was a tasting party for The Inventing Room, a newer solventless extract company who ironically I had also just interviewed and was also hosted in the same space by Jason in his high rise condo with a stunning view. This tasting was an event where the winners from a raffle that was held by High Maintenance Smoke Shop all received a ticket to the party along with a taster box with 4 samples from The Inventing Room. There was also a raffle for a $200 dollar gift card to High Maintenance at the party and although there was nowhere near as much glass as the Sov sesh there were definitely some amazing pieces. Jacob @green_wilder CEO of The Inventing Room had a beautiful Mothership Glass and a @kidglass UV tesseract, the homie Tyler brought a @mr.voorhees owned by @bull_keeper. Although these events were fun, I have to say that what takes the cake is the most recent event hosted by Weird Flex Glass themselves, The South Park Special Viewing.

The South Park Special Viewing was an absolute blast filled with weed, hash, glass and laughs and oh, did I mention tacos!? The Homie @houseofwax710 was kind enough to cook for everyone at the session. The sesh was basically just a small get together of about 30 people who are all friends or associates of the boys over at WFG that all just accepted the invite given to them or reached out to join the fun as I did. The sesh was basically broken down to 3 parts, socializing and smoking, then food, and finally the latest episode of South Park that was premiering that night. With everyone there being associates and friends of Tyler and Jesse, there were definitely some amazing functional pieces of art floating around.

So, during the first part of the sesh was where everyone got their heavy smoking out of the way and although It seemed like mostly everyone there knew each other, there were also many introductions being made which was nice to see, especially since this whole covid stuff began, I imagine we all probably haven’t made too many new friends. I had the pleasure of finally meeting the head of solventless extraction from Clean Concentrates Carter, @carterp710 who had some amazing solventless diamonds that I cannot wait to try with sauce. I also had the pleasure of meeting the chef @houseofwax710 who not only cooked for everyone but had a nice sized jar of some fire hash, not rosin or wax but good old fashioned hash that he topped almost everyone’s bowl with as well. I’m pretty positive if you hit some flower at that sesh chances are you hit some of his hash too and that’s all thanks to the man @houseofwax710 such a cool and humble dude.

Speaking of the chef though, the food was phenomenal, a huge thanks to @houseofwax710. There were chips with a couple dips and a few salsas for appetizers. The main course of course was tacos accompanied with rice and beans as sides. The tacos were steak but there was also a vegan option for a couple people there that were vegans. I myself am not a fan of meat substitutes or vegan options but I tried both and must say they were both unbelievably delicious. Of course, everyone also needed drinks and what better than medicated horchata to accompany the delicious tacos. So with everyone nice and high with a full stomach it was time for the show.

The show that was to be played was the “South ParQ Vaccination Special” an hour-long special episode of the animated series “South Park”. Now I’m sure we have all seen South Park before, especially stoned and with the munchies, but the whole vibe of this smaller get together filled with laughter, great food, some amazing artwork and good weed and hash was dope and long overdue. I thought the show was pretty funny and went well with the session, it was about everyone in the town of South Park struggling to get the vaccine and since the elderly are the first round, they have all gotten their covid vaccinations and are riding around making fun of all the adults and children with no masks on while not social distancing. The main characters Cartman, Stan and Kyle also reevaluated their friendship that had been damaged by the pandemic while still coming together against a militant group and entire town to get stolen vaccines to their teachers.

So after the show, a few more bongs were ripped while everyone packed up to leave. All in all it was a great time with great people and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I always do with our friends over at Weird Flex Glass. If you have do not know about these guys, go ahead and read my January article where I talked about how I met these guys and how far they have come in this glass game in such little time, then go ahead and do yourself a favor and follow their main account @weirdflexglass to see what art they have available. Also, make sure you follow the homies themselves Tyler @wfg.pugs and Jesse @nowind_row these guys are always putting out some dope content.

So once again, I just want to send a thank you to both these guys for the invite and hospitality, make sure you support these local guys and try to make it to future events. They plan on expanding and holding bigger events for the heady scene of the community, so if you enjoy glass and hash, do all of the above. I would also like to thank the homie Ryan @ryandoesdabs for his amazing photos and just hanging out make sure to give him a follow also he always brings the good vibes. Definitely have to send a thanks to the chef one more time for the food and hashy bowls @houseofwax710. I hope you guys support everyone I mentioned even just if it’s a follow, like or reshare on social media for the dope content they put out and hope to see you at the next one. Oh and have a Hashy 420 everyone, Peace!




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