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Wedding Cake by Kynd

Wedding Cake | Prepacked 8th  Kynd | Where: Oasis Cannabis

A famous cross that I feel is becoming a classic strain, Wedding Cake is always good when grown properly. Have I had this strain before? Of course I have, many times, but always enjoy trying the same strains from different growers. Kynd did a fine job with this one. True to its name the smell was of a slightly funky but delicious pastry. The taste was pure cake minus the icing with slight hints of gas. I also have to say, this was a potent hard hitting batch. After one bong rip I felt a strong head high with a slight heat wave that eased into a nice relaxing body buzz. I was in pure relaxation mode. I suggest you get some of this just head over to your nearest Oasis location. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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