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WANA | Mango Sativa Gummies

Wana Mango Sativa Gummies

WANA | Mango Sativa Gummies

These Sativa gummies from Wana are delicious; the mango flavor is sour and refreshing. As summer starts, I like to pop one before going out to work in my garden or heading out for a hike. Wana is a respected brand that is always tried, true, and consistent. There’s 100mg of THC in the package with each gummy at 10mg each, but if you want something stronger, check out their high dose version. Wana makes their gummies with all-natural flavors and colors, organic sweeteners, 100% vegan ingredients, and a proprietary blend of more than 30 terpenes. We highly recommend these for an edible you know you can trust for a nice high and a great taste!

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