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Tropicana Jelly by Glorious Extracts

Tropicana Jelly | Live Resin Glorious Extracts | Nirvana Center

I do not know much about this strain except that it was an absolute hit in every category. From the looks, smell to effect, I have to say I was extremely impressed. Tropicana Cookies is one of my favorite strains so as soon as I heard tropicana I knew I had to try it. Immediately after cracking the lid, I was hit with a sweet fruity aroma similar to Tropicana Cookies but less citrusy and more sweet. The flavor matched the smell very well tasting like sweet candy. The terps were definitely strong and punched me in the throat making me cough quite a bit but man was It great. The effects were pretty strong and a little more relaxing, so I assume the Jelly part of this strain was probably an indica or indica dominant hybrid. I have not once ever been disappointed in any of the Glorious Extracts products so I definitely recommend you scoop this or really anything of theirs whenever you see it. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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