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Trap Culture AZ | Premier Events

Cannabis Cactus sat down with David DeCorpo this past weekend, creator of TrapCulture! If you haven’t heard of TrapCulture, then I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the events they have been behind! Last year I attended Digital Haze, the RuffandPuff MMA event, and the super popular CannaFest! Held at the Sunsplash golfland, the CannaFest event has already made headlines and with over 3,000 attendees! We have promises of more fun events like this later this year from TrapCulture! Who doesn’t wanna partake while on a ride around a lazy river?

For Example, first off this year there will be the MangiaGanja festival, which I hope to see everyone at this April! David is planning on making this event another one of a kind and first of its kind event, with food trucks at a park with eating AND smoking contests: The Cloud Cup! Medical and recreational consumption bars sponsored by all of our favorite dispensaries and brands! Oh and live music and art! With so much packed in every event, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy themselves!

David started off in this industry as a Budtender at Green Pharms 10 years ago. He has worked his way up and has a good feel for the community. He strives to make every event better and give people what they want, in a fun and safe atmosphere. Be sure to follow them on Instagram because he is always giving out huge amounts of free tickets to his events as well as always offering great discounts for all the budtenders here in the Arizona community. Well I personally can’t wait to see what else is in store for us stoners, but without a doubt TrapCulture will be helming some of the most talked about events this year!


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