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The Stoner’s Guide to Spring Break in Arizona

Spring break is the time of year when we dust off our flip flops and forget about our daily responsibilities for awhile. For many, spring break is a week of parties, drinking, and showing off your best neon tank tops (Siri, play “Party Rock” by LMFAO). Those of us who enjoy partaking in the herbal variety might want to steer clear of the “traditional” spring break festivities and instead spend our time off in a more chill environment.

Arizona is a unique state that offers different landscapes as you drive. From the Tucson desert to the Flagstaff forest, you can change your environment by taking a two-hour road trip in any direction and feel like you’re in a different state altogether. Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy trek, a haunted adventure, or a unique foodie experience, Arizona has it all.

Pleasant Harbor Marina

Pleasant Harbor Marina | Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant

If you’re looking to get out of town, but not too far out of town, Lake Pleasant is a desert oasis that offers beautiful views, wildlife, and water activities. Located off North Castle Hot Springs Rd., less than an hour’s drive from Phoenix, you’re just a short road trip away from a stoner paradise. Lake Pleasant’s affordable campgrounds are perfect for spring breakers. If you’re feeling adventurous, jet skis and boats are available to rent at the marina, just a short drive to the other side of the lake. Keep in mind that water laws are exactly like road laws, so never drink alcohol or smoke cannabis before you drive, jet ski, or operate any heavy machinery.

When you visit Lake Pleasant, don’t forget to pack non-breakable smoking gear! offers a 10-inch silicone water pipe made by PieceMaker Pipes, called “The Kommuter”, that is a durable and discreet alternative to your favorite glass bong that looks like a reusable travel tumbler. So, bring a tent, a few of your favorite cannabis strains, and your swimsuit to Lake Pleasant for a fun spring break that will have you leaving with memories that will last a lifetime.


View from Hideaway House | Sedona


As the Valley of the Sun heats up, many are looking for cooler climates to beat the heat. Perfect for a day trip or a long weekend, Sedona is a must-see destination for anyone who is looking to get out of Phoenix and try something new. Known for its breathtaking views of red rocks, energy vortexes, and local restaurants, Sedona is a hippie town unlike anywhere else.

Take a drive a few miles away from the metaphysical boutiques and you’ll find yourself at one of Sedona’s vortexes, or “energy centers”, which are popular spots for those who are looking for a peaceful place to meditate and raise their consciousness. Many say that after a trip to a vortex, they leave feeling energetically refreshed and centered, so hey, it’s worth a shot! If you’re interested in visiting a vortex, it might be a good idea to stop by a dispensary to pick up a few pre-rolls or a cartridge before your trip to enlightenment. Stop by Bloom Sedona, a dispensary that’s located at 465 Jordan Rd., Sedona, AZ, and offers deals for new patients!

After your day of hiking and smoking, the munchies might have set in and you’ll probably be in the mood for some good food. If you’re looking for a locally owned place to eat with beautiful views, check out the Hideaway House, located at 231 AZ-179, Sedona, AZ. Ask for a table on their patio and you’ll find yourself in awe of the trees and rock formations that surround you as you sip on a cocktail and try one of their many delicious “country Italian” menu options. If you save some room for dessert, try out the Almond Joya Oh Boya, a gluten-free treat that’s reminiscent of the best coconut and almond candy bar around.

Massey/Neugent/Lowell Obs./NSF | Lowell Observatory


A little college town with a big personality, Flagstaff has become a safe haven for the free-thinking, pot-smoking, artsy types. Best known for its mountainous views and ponderosa pines, Flagstaff is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest and is a great place to reconnect with Mother Nature and have some good old fashioned stoner fun while doing it.

At the end of West Mars Hill Rd., just a 10-minute drive away from downtown Flagstaff, you’ll find Lowell Observatory, established in 1894, best known for being where Pluto was discovered! (R.I.P. Pluto, you’re still a real planet to me). The Lowell Observatory has gorgeous views, lectures on astronomy, and you can even take a look deep into the Universe by trying out one of their telescopes for yourself! Pack your favorite cartridge to smoke before you head inside to ensure maximum mind-blowing potential as you experience the cosmos unlike ever before.

While Flagstaff has many great campgrounds, it is also home to the historic Hotel Monte Vista, which was built in 1926 and known for its many ghost sightings. While you’re there, keep an eye out for the barstools that move on their own, or the transparent couple sometimes seen dancing in the Cocktail Lounge. This hotel is the perfect place to flex your amateur ghost-hunting muscles for those of you who are looking for a spooky encounter.


Spring break is the perfect time to check out a new part of your state and take a road trip to greener pastures. Lucky for us, Arizona has many road trip destinations that are beautiful, not too far from the Valley, and are budget-friendly. Make sure to pack your smoking kit accordingly and remember that it’s not safe or smart to travel with glass pipes, especially if they’ve been used. Leave your glass pipe at home and pick up a RAW Nomad Bundle from that has everything a traveling stoner will need on their next road trip adventure.

If you use any of these travel tips this spring break, don’t forget to tag @CannabisCactus on Instagram and use #StonerSpringBreak so we can see your pictures!

Erinn Holman is a millennial writer who is passionate about alternative medicine, the cannabis industry, and the Oxford Comma. Erinn is based out of Tempe and is always exploring the Copper State with her pup, Sophia, on the weekends. She enjoys spending her time reading fantasy novels or books about life, the Universe, and everything. Follow her cannabis-fueled adventures on Instagram @itscannabliss.


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