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The Red Eye Family | Interview

When I became pregnant, my doctors came up with the cannabis solution for pain management during my pregnancy. Cannabis became my best choice for pain management from then until now.” – Darlene Padilla

Luis and his wife Darlene are one of the sweetest cannabis couples in Arizona. For those who haven’t met them, Luis and Darlene own a kick ass apparel company called Red Eye Nation apparel. The brand is made up of trendy clothing designs crafted from bamboo fibers that add a classy vibe to any casual outfit. They have a solid following online in the Southwest region and their new designs always sell out quickly. Luis and Darlene are a typical American family by all accounts today but their journey through each pregnancy was everything but normal for them or the doctors. Our interview today is about overcoming medical odds, and the social stigmas of cannabis to build a loving family.

Darlene was assured by doctors that she would never be able to physically have children due to lack of strength in her pelvic muscles. She was diagnosed at the age of two with Spina Bifida and has spent most of her life in a wheelchair. Spina Bifida happens when the skin at the base of the spine does not fully close at birth leaving an opening at the spine. This keeps the body from developing balance and strength normally. In Darlene’s case the doctors didn’t notice at birth and therefore were not able to attempt surgery. Her parents noticed something was off after she turned one and still had not made any progress walking.

Red Eye Nation

Her diagnosis did not keep her from enjoying the same childhood milestones as any young woman. Mainly because she stayed off of the cocktails of opiate medicine that doctors prescribed her over the years. Darlene realized early on that pain medicines would steal her joy and keep her from participating in activities she enjoyed. As her pain became worse the doctor’s prescriptions became more potent and hypnotic.

Instead, Darlene chose to become a Medical Marijuana patient in Arizona and has given birth to two healthy babies with help from cannabis medicine. Under the care of a progressive team of doctors, she used natural remedies to moderate her pain. She is able to think more clearly and enjoy her family without suffering the haze of pain medications. She only uses natural remedies like cannabis, electro stimulation, massage and acupuncture as therapy. Darlene has good days and bad days but continually hits goals for increasing muscle movement and strength. She proves the amazing healing powers of the mind and demonstrates that cannabis is not a cure all drug but is a miracle for quality of life. She encourages people to learn about new ways to consume cannabis in order to help with all kinds of pain.

The main thing doctors agreed on about Darlene’s pregnancy was that cannabis could lower the birth weight of the baby. This was actually a benefit since Darlene would be unable to give birth to a large baby. Her obstetrician took her off all pain meds and authorized her to smoke 1-2 cannabis joints every two hours or as needed.

Red Eye Nation
Every two hours or so, I would push her wheelchair into the elevator and through the main lobby into the parking lot. We would cross the walkway to the edge of hospital property and smoke at least two joints before I would take her back into the hospital. This happened every two hours of every doctor visit and especially while Darlene was in labor.” – Luis Garcia

Many doctors are hesitant to suggest using cannabis because they simply know nothing about it. In Darlene’s case, they not only promoted cannabis but used her as a case study. Her team of doctors will use this information to educate doctors throughout the country about groundbreaking applications for cannabis. The miracle in this situation is the doctors willingness to listen to Darlene’s body and proceed with such thoughtful treatment.

Tell us about your miracle babies?

My children are amazing, smart, sweet and curious children that love learning and exploring. They do get in a bad mood when a lack of food or sleep is in play. But other than that they love helping others that need help, my children have shared their food with others that are also hungry. I am very proud and honored to be their mom. Jade is my step daughter and my oldest (15). She is such a great student in Honors classes plus she’s a sweet big sister. Maryjane is my middle child (7) who is also a great student and she loves to draw and write, always with a pen and paper in hand. Enoch is my youngest, my only son who is a joy to be around, always with a smile on his face. When we take our kids with us to a photoshoot session for Red Eye Nation Apparel, Enoch always has ideas on spots and poses for the male models. It’s incredible to be able to take our kids and for them to see all the hard work that it takes to start something. My children are very passionate as we are about our company, one day they will run Redeye Nation Apparel.

What did the doctors try before prescribing cannabis?

Throughout my life up to when I was prescribed cannabis the doctors started prescribing me morphine. When I was a child, at the age of 13, after a spinal surgery my doctor prescribed a morphine pump to my room so I could press a button every time I needed my pains to reduce. After years of taking morphine it was not reducing my pain and my doctor “upgraded” me to Dilaudid, which is a Narcotic stronger than Morphine. I had done my research of what all the narcotics would do to me if I kept taking them as prescribed and I become terrified to die at a young age due to “pain management”. I made a choice to reduce my own prescription. When I became pregnant, my doctors came up with the cannabis solution for pain management during my pregnancy. Cannabis became my best choice for pain management from then until now.

How did you utilize cannabis to help your pregnancy and birth process?

I utilized cannabis to reduce my chronic pains from my back, stomach, spasms and what felt like constant leg cramps. It helped my body to stay as painless and relaxed as possible in order for my fetus not to auto-abort due to my high levels of chronic pain. Due to the high levels of pain it would take my appetite away and by utilizing cannabis in my daily life the medicinal properties of cannabis reduces my pain and kept me relaxed and with a healthy appetite.

What is your favorite meal to cook for your family?

Honestly, I love everything I cook for my family when I am able to. The house that we are in doesn’t have an ADA kitchen, that means that when an able body is standing in front of the stove cooking and the oil or steam hits your stomach or chest area, as a person in a wheelchair it hits me on my face and eyes. I love cooking but Luis has to help me with that because it can be a dangerous thing for me. But if I have to choose one meal I love to cook and I do not get burned doing it, then I must say I love making them caldo de camaron- shrimp stew with hand made corn tortillas.

What is something you would like the world to know about Red Eye Nation Apparel?

We are taking over the world! Redeye Nation is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle. Work hard = Redeyes, study hard = Redeyes, play hard = Redeyes, smoke quality cannabis = Redeyes. Redeye Nation Apparel is quality Bamboo clothing for the Board of Elevated State of Minds!

#strengthandhonorinunity Join the movement.

Tell me more about your homeschooling schedule? Who does the teaching?

Homeschool is done from morning until noon everyday. I teach my children during the summer and give them the Vacation time during the fall when the playgrounds are not scorching hot and we have more fun outdoors. I (mom) do 99% of the teaching everyday, creating new class work and grading the class work. When my health is not doing well then for the remainder 1% dad becomes the substitute teacher, but when I come back to class my student/kiddos miss me as the teacher.

How do you explain cannabis medicine to your children?

My children were born canna-babies, all they have witnessed is how much pain their mother endures on a daily basis. I have always addressed cannabis as my medicine and I’m not lying to them. They see me in pain and when I leave the room to go take my medicine and I come back 20 min later in less pain. I am able to play and have fun with my kiddos. That is how my children also recognize it as effective medicine.

Are you glad the kids are back in school?

The first week of enrolling them in a school was very difficult for me, I was used to a schedule and pre-planning school work, I felt a bit lost the first week, I had time off but I was not prepared that I would miss my kiddos so much. Seeing how excited they are to be in school or looking forward for the weekend to be over to go back to school has made me feel really good about having them in school. My children are currently enrolled in the only A Grade school in the West Valley and I could not be more pleased with the school they are part of. Knowing they attend a school that truly works hard for the education of every student makes me feel a bit at ease.

What do mom and dad like to do for a fun date night?

Well well well….as most date nights go there is delicious food, either at a restaurant or we stay in and one of us cooks for the other, we take full advantage of no kids for the night and we truly enjoy our food, then we get relaxed with some good weed and put on some funny dirty comedy that we sure can not watch when the kiddos are home, have a great laugh get very very high! & then it gets XXX sexy adult time, didn’t I mention we take full advantage when the kids are not around.

When is the next event where Red Eye Nation clothing will be available?

February will be at Sourcing at Magic 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada. For more dates on our Future events check our online store at


Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.

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