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THC Infused Jello Shooters

THC Infused Jello

Holy moly, it's July! I've got a super fun creative recipe for you. This month's recipe is kind of perfect for those late summer nights, any kind of party you're looking to spice up with more relaxation, or just because. It's an adult version of our favorite childhood snack, jello! This recipe is inspired by my time spent with Fabulous Food catering, where we made submerged swedish fish in blue jello cups for a Dr. Seuss party. For this recipe you get to bring over the torch from your dab table and actually use it for a culinary purpose! It feels so good to have a dual purpose for that torch! This recipe is actually pretty simple to make and infuse; the only medicated part will be the medicated Halo Infusions Cannabliss Sour Gummies sticking out of the jello. I will be making these as 10 mg jello shooters with a single star, though you can add as many as you'd like! A few things before you begin: add your favorite flavor of jello to your grocery list and pop in to your favorite dispensary to grab a few bags of halo infusion gummies, you'll likely want a bag to just eat on their own too, they're so good. Next, make the jello and invite your friends over for a dinner and movie, so you can show them your newest creation! Enjoy the treats!

Yield: 16 - 2oz or 8 - 4oz shooters

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Tools to make this recipe: saucepan , spoon, 16 - 2oz. Glass shooters or 8 - 4oz glass cups, tweezers


2 boxes Jello, any flavor

2-3 bags Halo Infusions Cannabliss Sour gummies, 100mg THC


The medication. This is using Halo Infusion Cannabliss Sour gummies, at 10mg each. I used 1 gummy in each shooter. If you'd like to double the dose, feel free to add two gummies to each shooter. If you add two gummies to each two ounce shooter, you will need three bags of gummies. Otherwise, you'll need two bags of gummies and you'll end up with five leftover gummies to eat as you wish!

The jello. Follow the instructions on the box of jello you purchased for this first step. Place in the fridge to solidify for about 4 hours.

The gummies. The time has arrived to use your torch! Make sure that your jello has solidified, slight jiggle. Since your jello is in glass shooters, you can use the torch to melt the top of the jello. While the jello is melted, pick up the gummy with the tweezers and place on the top. Hold in place until gummies set upright in the shooter. Repeat for the rest of the shooters. Refrigerate for 30 minutes - overnight to solidify jello around gummies.

Now, relax, pass out the shooters and enjoy your stoney experience!

Did you make these Jello shooters? Post a photo with #CannabisCactusRecipes. We love to see your work!

If you have any questions, send me an email at or Instagram or FB @RubyRedConfections.


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