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Mom’s Best Punch: THC-Infused Mezcal with Orange & Lemon

Mom’s Best Punch

Everybody loves punch! And why shouldn’t they? What’s not to like about an expansive bowl of shimmering liquid pleasures? 

Mother’s Day is all about paying homage to our mothers. It is also about the creation of a family-pleasing combination of flavors specifically designed to make Mother’s Day even more enticing and delicious! A punch bowl filled with sweet and tangy flavors are a nostalgic metaphor for the trials and tribulations of being your mom. 

One of my favorite punches involves freshly squeezed oranges along with the refreshingly spicy and aromatic orange bitters. The powerfully scented orange bitters are deeply flavored to release the hidden secrets of your most fabulous punch ever. What makes this punch so fabulous? Perhaps it’s more than just the sum of its parts! I’ve chosen to use a non-alcoholic version of mezcal that will do more than sate the thirst of nostalgia, it will act as liquid driven passion for our mothers. And it has THC.. lots of it if you want. 

Slices of Meyer lemon will bring extra spark to the bowl along with the administration of freshly-squeezed orange juice. There are enough vitamins in each sip to give you all your needed healing for at least an entire day of revelry! And because Mother’s Day only comes once a year (although to your mom, every day SHOULD be her day), you can rest assured that this punch will be on the menu and your taste buds for all eternity! Vitamins… as your mom would say, they make your bones grow strong and give you that extra burst of energy! 

This punch also has the application of lemon essence sparkling water. I chose this ingredient because of the fact that the bubble is pin-point, very crisp - aromatic and quite refreshing.

Mom’s Best Punch


  • 1 bottle Alcohol Free “Mezcal” that you have infused with THC... recipe below 

  • 2 Quarts Freshly Squeezed orange juice (essential)

  • 10 shakes Orange Bitters 

  • 4-5 Meyer Lemons sliced thinly

  • Good ice - that is, ice that doesn’t taste like last month’s garlic pasta lurking in the back of your fridge 

  • Lemon essence sparkling water 


To a punch bowl add all the ingredients, stir well, dash the bitters over the top, and serve immediately. Need I tell you to serve your mom first? Where are your manners??? (smack!) 

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