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TeaCo Bio Supply

Established in 2009 in Telluride, Colorado, TeaCo Bio Supply was started by former hydroponic store owner and avid farmer, Scott Abrahams, with the objective to help and educate gardeners, while providing cost effective, environmentally sustainable solutions to improve yields and lower risks. 

Naturally, plants benefit when provided nutrients, but what about the soil health?

Soil represents an unconditional human relationship that goes back to the beginning of civilization, and healthy soil encourages healthier plants, and higher production of healthier, more beneficial food, medicine, and sustainable plant derived products, like paper, bottles, textiles, and biofuel. However, currently, industrial farmers and gardeners alike have become highly dependent on salt-based fertilizers, and chemicals, leaving soil damaged and unusable. An estimated 24 billion tons of fertile soils are lost every year! Not to mention the residual runoff and sediments clogging waterways, causing an overall increase in pollution.

Teaco Bio Supply

Today, the farming side of the cannabis industry is exploding as more states become recreational and federal legalization draws near. As such, the steady increase in demand for cannabis and how it is grown could find itself responsible for further environmental damage unless more farmers and growers adopt more natural, sustainable methods. TeaCo Bio Supply products are all plant-based, 100% soluble, and made in the USA. TeaCo Bio Supply offers a diverse portfolio of products as listed below, including plant based proprietary blended beneficial organisms, and bamboo silica.


Encourages Uptake of Phosphorous, Potassium, & Trace Elements, Increases Root Growth, Improves Plant performance and Seed Production.

Bamboo Silica Extract

Creates Stronger Stems and Healthier Plants. Reduces Abiotic Stress. Increases Resiliency.

Bacillus Blast

Bacteria Blend that Stimulates Immune System Response. Increases Uptake of Trace Elements.


Bacteria Blend that can assimilate Nitrogen, Promotes More Active Root Growth, Increases Uptake of available Nitrogen, Improves yields.

Teaco Bio Supply

Recently, TeaCo Bio Supply combined these four products to make their all-in-one Super Tea blend. Eliminating all the guesswork, the TeaCo Super Tea blend is a great tool for all growers, from the novice with the brown thumb to the regimented experienced grower. The secret ingredient in the TeaCo Super Tea is the special macro army blend of microscopic friends: microbes! Packed into the TeaCo Super Tea blend, these microorganisms work quickly, networking and growing. As soon as the microbes get wet, they come alive! Not only will you be revitalizing your soil so that you can reuse it, but the TeaCo Super Tea will also act as a probiotic for your plants. You will see bigger roots, better uptake of nutrients, and bigger yields: bigger buds and flowers, bigger vegetables, and fruits, etc. In turn, you will use less nutrients, less fertilizer, and less toxins. TeaCo Bio Supply products can be used in soil, hydroponic, and coco applications – likewise, it can also be used in rockwool to encourage seedling growth! TeaCo Bio Supply won Best Nutrients at the 2022 Arizona Cannabis Awards Music Festival in May and there is no question why. TeaCo Bio Supply takes pride in restoring and continuing to save thousands of acres of land, plant life, and soil. As TeaCo owner, Scott Abrahams, stated “it is possible to bridge the gap between our ecological footprint and economic expectations.” TeaCo Bio Supply wants to change the way the agricultural industry does business by using healthy products that focus on the well-being of our soil and reducing risk. We welcome you to learn more about TeaCo Bio Supply products at and try them for yourself!

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