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Sunset Glass Gallery

Tucson is known for the University Arizona and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Beyond Sonoran Hot Dogs and amazing mountain landscapes, Tucson is just a lazy desert town that chugs along with a dope hometown feel. There are a few smoke shops and glass galleries in Tucson worth mentioning to friends when they travel there, but on a brisk April morning, I stumbled into a gallery, not a smoke shop.

I was socially attacked by one of the owners of this space via Instagram and he really wanted me to come visit this smoke shop. He corrected himself quickly and attempted to describe what he and his accomplices were trying to conjure up. This was anything but a traditional smoke shop. This was truly a gallery. The Sunset Glass Gallery has gone from concept to reality and on 4/20, they opened their doors to the world.

When a grower, an artist, and a few glass blowers/artists get together to create a space to display and educate on their crafts, you may be surprised what that vision turns into. From the outside, the bustling Grant road buzzes with traffic and the building looks like any older commercial building on this main Tucson thoroughfare. Walk through the doors of the gallery and you are greeted by a grow tent and the beginnings of a sophisticated hydro setup.

Wait…I thought I was in a glass gallery.

The concept for this unique space is to have a small grow shop where they can show customers how to grow using various techniques and media. As you make your way past the grow area, you are greeted by meticulously designed counters and artistically designed spaces that accent the decadent glass that is being displayed. Past the retail glass shop, a large window allows the customer to see exactly where their glass is coming from…there is a live glass studio in the gallery.

Photos, sculptures, and jewelry contribute to the “anything goes” vibe of this welcoming space. “The idea is that when a customer is shopping for something, the artists that created the pieces are right there on site.” There is no better expert on art than the artist themselves. When you come to the Sunset Glass Studio, you definitely get a little piece of Tucson because this place is unique, relaxed, and inviting…just like their hometown.

Expect more from Sunset Glass Studio as they are planning cannabis friendly art shows and events. Expect that SmokeeeJ will be at those events and will smoke you out. Huge shout out to Kyle, Ashe, Tony, and Aspen for being amazing hosts and sharing their vision of their gallery and I am excited to watch it unfold in the near future.


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