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Sugar Cane by Canamo Cannabis

Sugar Cane | Pre packed 8th  Canamo Cannabis | Where: Ponderosa Dispensary

This Sugar Cane was an excellent scoop especially when catching another sale that put this 8th at only $25. Usually a sativa dominant strain, this one seemed a little more on the Indica side. I say this because of the smell as well as flavor and effects. Being a cross of Platinum and Slurricane one may expect a sweet more tropical profile but this particular sample had more gassy notes on the flavor and smell as well as the effects being more on the sedative side. Still a very nice looking, smelling and tasting 8th and even if I couldn’t catch the sale again and had to pay normal price I would with no hesitation. Go on over to Ponderosa to check it out for yourself. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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