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Stars & Strains: September 2021

Aries, Vision

Platinum Candy | Grow Sciences

What do you want to happen next? Time to slow down and figure it out. Your mind may be racing this month but cannabis will keep you grounded as it usually does. Take the time to appreciate this beautiful plant and your place together in the cosmos.

Taurus, Peace

Trop Cookies | Aeriz

Things have been moving fast but calm vibes will come back once the fall season settles in. Pumpkin spice vapes and lattes will be back on menus before you know it. Get ready for cooler temperatures and a fresh fall cannabis harvest. Prepare to end this calendar year with a quiet celebration of all that was accomplished internally and externally in your life.

Gemini, Favor

Kosher Dawg | DNA Genetics

Make room in your life for a new visitor that will come to stay. Maybe it’s a new pet or person in your life. Make sure the relationship brings something constructive to your daily routine. Do not let anything distract or dismantle the progress you have made this year. Keep grinding but stay open to new experiences or friends who will help along the way.

Cancer, Rejuvenate

Mimosa | Source One Meds

A new moon takes place on September 6th in Virgo. This is when you change strains to a more sleep inducing indica strain. Enjoy your time smoking cannabis and relaxing. Think of contacting your family more this month because they may need your support.

Leo, Perspective

OG 18 | Tierra Grow

Picture yourself as a bird flying over houses, through trees and past speeding cars. You can simulate this flight in your imagination during a quiet cannabis session. This mental construct will give you a different perspective about the world. It’s important to see things from different angles when possible.

Virgo, Enlightened

Jenny Kush | House Exotics

You will feel a creative boost in your mind. Respect the cannabis plant and our minds’ natural ability to travel through time and space. It’s easy when your mind is clear. You can achieve transcendence in your imagination with or without cannabis. Quiet your mind by focusing on a goal and letting your creativity wander. This is an exercise to help visualize new dreams and goals.

Libra, Circulate

Deadhead OG | Green Gene Genetics

Life centers around breath. In and out. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try in repetitions of 5 times to start. Perform this exercise while sitting, standing or laying down. Breathe deeply to inhale cannabis the same way. Breathe deep and think deeper. This will repel any confusion around you during the new moon transition this month.

Scorpio, Synergy

Brunch Breath | Grown 4

Venus is entering Scorpio on September 10th and the full moon completes the transition on September 20th. Get ready for a calm reassessment of your affairs as your cosmic house becomes quiet once again. This may be a great time for introspection with some bold cannabis.

Sagittarius, Transition

Cherry Punch | Source Farms

Career and life changes may be looming on the horizon. This change will ultimately prove to be a positive one so don’t let this transition make you anxious. Cannabis products such as small doses of edibles or tinctures can help with serenity during a tough day.

Capricorn, Creativity

Garlic Soda | 22 Red

September brings a new chance to reinvent yourself creatively. Use this burst of inspiration along with uplifting cannabis to make the most of your energy. This energy will not subside for the remainder of the year. Your stars and strains will be aligned in a house of fortune. Be ready to focus this creativity into new projects.

Aquarius, Motivated

Paradise Circus | Abundant Organics

Jupiter and Venus will conjoin in the house of Aquarius this month. This is a sign for positive energy, responsibility and work status. Try sativa hybrids for uplifting vibes to match your personality. Co-workers and supervisors will look to you for inspiration and your value will go up in the workplace. Keep the kush flowing during work because it helps you stay in the zone.

Pisces, Value

Magic Melon | Elephant Head Farms

Do not think that your efforts at work go unnoticed. You never know what is developing behind the scenes. It’s okay to find motivation with a cannabis break. Use cannabis to enjoy each day at work no matter what the job is. Do not let circumstances bring you down. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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