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Stars & Strains: Scorpio – November 2019

Aries, Move

Samoas, OG Zonka

Get moving! If you sit on the shelf for too long then you will become stale, it happens to even the best flowers. Life is meant to be lived just like good cannabis is meant to be consumed. Get out there and live your with big intention.  

Taurus, Assert

Mint Chocolate Chip, The Mint Dispensary

Be happy for the new adventures you will have during this season of fall. The weather is perfect for activities like bike riding and hiking. Be more assertive with your new relationships after the new moon and stick with a new healthy habit.  

Gemini, Content

Legend OG, Grow Sciences

Be who you are right now. Do not worry about playing along with the system because those who do never truly exist. Be ready to step out of line when you need to. Societies majority doesn’t always have the right answers.

Cancer, Social

Monkey Mints, OG Zonka

This time of year will be busy for you. Get ready for social events that may surprise you. You will meet some new friends and rekindle with those who you have lost touch with during the summer. Bring a nice joint filled with flower and concentrates to share with your group.

Leo, Change

Golden Ticket, Aeriz

Break out of the routine funk and try a new dispensary this month. There are some new producers in the valley with fantastic flowers and concentrates. You will be happy about mixing up the routine and trying new genetics. Make a couple other changes to your routine as well.

Virgo, Imagine

Sour Plums, Arizona Natural Selections

Do not lose your imagination as you age. It’s important to still find joy and childlike wonder in something you love. Spark up a joint and let your mind wander to new places.

Libra, Thanks

Meatbreath, Potent Planet

Be thankful for everything, for soon there will be nothing. Be thankful for the days you have lived and the ones you have ahead. Life is beautiful but nothing lasts forever. Go make some memories today! 

Scorpio, Youth

Golden Lemons, Arizona Natural Selections

We are all Fortunate Youth. Remember this each day and live with privilege in the moment. Expect good things and manifest good for your friends and family as well. Join us on November 15th for the Fortunate Youth show at the Marquee Theater.

Sagittarius, Risk

Animal Candy, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Do not wait for others to guide you. Be smart about taking chances and go where your heart leads you. There will be missteps but you will find the way. It will feel amazing to chart your own path.

Capricorn, Lead

Moonshine Haze, Clean Concentrates

Your destiny lies within your hands. There are fortunes waiting for you to make a move towards them. The sun, moon and night sky will be your guide on this journey.

Aquarius, Courage

Cherry Punch, OG Zonka

Whatever you have fears about will be conquered during the next month. You will see that these obstacles and fears are not as big as they seem. Use edible cannabis products to rejuvenate your muscles and mind with good rest.

Pisces, Work

Lime Cookies, The Mint Dispensary

Microdosing cannabis may be the trick you need during the day to stay productive and focused. Try five milligrams or less of THC to keep you calm throughout the day. This can work well for productivity and also relief from any aches and pains that may be holding you back.



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