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Stars & Strains: Pisces – March 2020

Aries, LUCK

Tropicana Cookies, Aeriz

Remember that you are your own worst critic. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Sometimes the easiest way to release those feelings is to drop everything and set off on new adventures. There is more waiting for you out there in this great world and plenty of fun people to meet along the way. Smoke and fly to new perspectives.

Taurus, LUCK

Meat Breath, Potent Planet

Embrace the changes that have taken place in your life over the last year. Learn to let go of the past and welcome in the future. With changes come new ideas and new purpose. Focus on the people in your life, do not let yourself get distracted by the material things that can rob you of your future.

Gemini, LUCK

Purple Apricot, MUV

Money can be stressful, but this shouldn’t be your focus in life. When you do what you love, it will be recognized. Your style is your own, don’t try to do it any other way. Be confident in your efforts, because you are prepared for new challenges. Try smoking low-thc high-terpene indica strains to keep your energy balanced this month.

Cancer, LUCK

New Jack City, The Holistic Center

Nobody needs cannabis to relax, but it sure does help. Life is chaotic, taking time to keep your balance is necessary this month as spring blooms. Keep working on your goals, but always take care of your essential needs first. Eat well, sleep well, and spend time in quiet solitude. You won’t regret the extra care.


Ice Cream Cake, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Listen carefully to what the people around you are saying. Try not to react to every word, but instead absorb the feeling that they are conveying. Words can say a lot, but they are always incomplete. Trust your gut for making decisions in the coming months but open yourself up to new ideas too. Stay fresh.

Virgo, LUCK

Royal Cherry Diesel, Lovejoy’s

Learn to say ‘No.’ This is a skill that must be honed. Practice saying ‘No’ to easy things and build your strength. Life is a balancing act. Stay active, but be sure not to over commit to anything and know your limits. Lots of opportunity will be coming your way and you may have to choose based on your priorities.

Libra, LUCK


You may be noticing increased energy levels. The stars and strains are aligned with an energizing presence this month. Use this time to take on that task you’ve been procrastinating on. No project is too big. If you stay focused on the small steps, the big things will happen automatically.

Scorpio, LUCK

New York Sour, The Holistic Center

Learn to make quick decisions. This does not mean to be impulsive, rather to quickly calculate the pros and cons for each path and choose. Once you choose, move forward and commit to your plan. There aren’t many wrong paths in this life, and you usually only get lost when you doubt yourself. Look for guidance in the silence.

Sagittarius, LUCK

Meat Breath, Potent Planet

Springtime brings opportunity for growth. Whatever your usual routine is, do the opposite. If you are generally social, take some time to yourself to reflect on life. If you are a homebody, get out and be social this month. Growth is driven by new activities and new people. Don’t be afraid to change it up, it will get easier.

Capricorn, LUCK

Now and Later, Item 9 Labs

Some stuff in life just doesn’t matter. Hone your ability to understand the true importance of things. If you look deep down, you know what is important to you. Accept who you are and be proud of it, it is the only thing that makes you unique. When you correctly value the people and things around you, you will also be valued.

Aquarius, LUCK

Don’t let yourself get lost in your own head. Keep your body worked and rested and your mind will settle down. Life is hard, but life is also easy. Next time you feel lost, just remember that there is no map, there are no boundaries. To be lost only means you are in a new place. Learn that new place and you won’t be lost.

Pisces, LUCK

White Rhino, The Vault

Don’t fret over small mistakes. Learn from them and move on. You will always make errors and that’s okay. Nobody has ever been perfect, and YOU will never be perfect. Take it all in stride and keep moving forward. Life can’t get easier if you become your own obstacle along the way. Puff a joint and get out of the way.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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