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Stars & Strains: Leo – August 2019

Aries, Fresh

VIP OG, Planet 13 Las Vegas

Keep moving to the beat of your own bong hits! Your style is fresh and your mind is clear so start acting with more confidence. Step up your game at work and make some new goals for the coming season. 

Taurus, Trust

Salmon River, NOVA Dispensary

You have an extra pep in your step this month. Keep the vibes going with some fun social activity. It takes effort to meet new people and have new experiences. Put yourself out there and keep your trusty cannabis by your side for comfort.

Gemini, Love

LA Chocolate, Urban Greenhouse

What’s another day with just another dollar. You are looking for something more and the universe is pulling that very something towards you. Love and lust and all those wild things are coming so grab some edibles and hold onto your emotions.

Cancer, Winning

FAM 95, Zonka Farms

Culture is all around us and our environment affects who we become as a member of society. Be sure to surround yourself with winners and those who you look up to. Keep your values and beliefs a priority in friendships and relationships. 

Leo, Share

Kimbo Kush, The Giving Tree

Make sure you are never the smartest one in the room, just the stonedest one. This is the key to your success. Soak up the greatness around you and learn from those who are a few steps ahead. Any sesh is a good time for constructive conversation.

Virgo, Smile

Platinum SFV, Urban Greenhouse

Do not be worried with retrograde or unbalance in the universe. Your daily cannabis regimen will keep the stars from affecting your emotions. If others around you are acting stressed or strained just offer them a puff of your joint and move along. Smile and wave!

Libra, Present

Dos-si-dos, Zonka Farms

There is no normal. The old normal and the new normal are all just constructs for how to act. Break out and enjoy cannabis any way you want. Do not let anyone tell you how or when to consume cannabis. Except for hot dabs, stay away from those.

Scorpio, Proper

33 Splitter, Nectar Farms

Go out today and crush all the obstacles you can find. Smile and talk to everyone. It’s okay to use social media for fun but that is just your electronic life. Keep your analog life going strong too. Make genuine connections with those you come in contact with during your day. You will be surprised at who is out there waiting.

Sagittarius, Social

Grandpa’s Breath, MUV Dispensary

Time for a new hobby because you are working too hard. Using cannabis after work cannot be your only method of decompression. Make room in your schedule to enjoy activities with friends and your significant other. Your body and mind will respond with joy and fresh creativity and happy energy.

Capricorn, Joy

Royal Cherry Diesel, Sunday Goods

Don’t make a habit of worrying. It happens, but you have to take a deep breath and crush the negative thoughts. If you are working in the cannabis industry there will be times of uncertainty, any job can be miserable at times. Suck it up and count on tomorrow being a brand new day. Your best days are still ahead.

Aquarius, Strength

Pineapple Upside Down, Mohave Cannabis

Do yourself a favor and try some cold start dabs. Place your extracts in banger and heat for 10 seconds. You can always raise the temp by reheating your banger for 2-3 seconds. Perfect flavor and clean quartz every time. Also, try some Mohave shatter for absolute premium flavor. Tell them on Instagram if you like it. @mohavecannabis

Pisces, Visual

Jelly Sickle #4, Potent Planet

Make a goal for yourself to hit before the end of the year. This can be financial, recreational or family oriented. Visualize your success just like you visualize the perfectly rolled joint. Do it now: Make a goal right now, write it down and tape it to the mirror. Then hit that goal like a perfect joint!



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