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Stars & Strains: August 2021

Aries, Frontier

Cream Pie Kush, Indica Kush Hybrid, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Summer is winding down and the back to school specials are here. This month starts with a full moon on August 3rd, this will affect all signs connected to Aquarius. This is a time when bold energy will come out and you may want to compliment your new found spirit with some bold cannabis as well.

Taurus, Humanity

4 Prophets, Indica Hybrid, DNA Genetics

Try a new project that will benefit society. The world is looking different these days and this is a great chance to help your neighbors and friends in need. Uranus, the ruling planet of humanitarian signs, will be in retrograde from now until January. This isn’t a scary time, it’s a time to seek a bigger role in your career or in the cannabis community.

Gemini, Fortune

Strawberry Jelly, Sativa Hybrid, Aeriz

You are setting yourself up for big success, so just keep your energy balanced. The new moon on August 18th may give you a flutter of emotions. Try a strong indica cannabis flower to calm you down when your rocketship to success takes off. 3, 2, 1…countdown to blast off and never look back! Things are about to change.

Cancer, Self Gratitude

Grape OG, Indica Kush Hybrid, SOL Flower

You are already the best version of yourself. Do not be fooled by insecurities that make you feel anything less because you are truly a superstar. Start focusing on how much you will accomplish today. Then focus on how it was a good day then go home and smoke some good weed. Then sleep and repeat.

Leo, Envy

Paradise Circus, Indica/Sativa Hybrid, Abundant Organics

There’s nothing over there that you don’t already have. Keep your eyes in your own lane and keep focused on your situation. Do not worry about the success of others. You have plenty to look forward to and have already lived a full amazing life. Just remember that there is more amazing weed and memories to come. This life will never get boring.

Virgo, Platinum

Star Lord, Heavy Indica, Abundant Organics

The stars are aligning your sign and the strains that you smoke this month. You have no idea how good things are about to get for you. Stay the course. Move into this time with grace and power. Others around you will benefit during this time as their cosmic energies wane in comparison to the invincible strength that you feel.

Libra, Origin

4 Juices, Indica/Sativa Hybrid, Crescent Cannabis

Remember who you are and where you have come from. The struggles that brought you here will help you remain a humble person. This humility makes it easy for you to walk into any crowd and expect favor. You have the permission to focus on what’s most important to you. Just because something’s right or not right right now doesn’t mean it won’t be right in the future. Keep pushing towards what you feel strongly about.

Scorpio, Placate

Holland’s Hope, Hybrid, Derp Farms

No matter how crazy life gets, cannabis continues to soothe your soul. Cannabis is like chicken soup for your terpene based soul. Continue feeding your spirit with good music and meditations, and nectar of the cannabis gods. The good thing about cannabis for you is that it has kept your soul calm and ready to make decisions when needed.

Sagittarius, Leisure

Brinch Breath, Indica, G4

It’s time to play in style. You have been working very hard even throughout the pandemic and it’s time to reward yourself with leisure and recreation. Having a good time with cannabis does not take away from how important the medicine in the plant is. And you deserve a good time. So get high and relax somewhere special.

Capricorn, Even

Mac 1 Caps, Indica, Genesis Flower

When a new opportunity comes along do not get too excited. Have a good smoke and a sleep before making any big decisions in your life. The same goes when you receive bad news. Do not get too down on yourself during failures. Stay calm and stay high. This balance will serve you well.

Aquarius, Loyalty

French Cookies, Indica Hybrid, Hi Buddy Organics

Think about reliability in your friendships and workplace. If your friends or coworkers ask you to walk with them a mile then go two miles. Be a servant who goes above and beyond what is expected. It’s easy to give extra effort when you’re in the spirit of good cannabis medicine. Keep in mind that this karma will be repaid to you either in this life or the next.

Pisces, Rotation

Crunch Berries, Indica/Sativa Hybrid, House Exotics

Sometimes you will have to get rid of a good thing in your life in order to make room for something that is truly best for you. This can be a work opportunity or a personal relationship. It’s time to make room for something amazing in your life. Start with a small change like trying some new cannabis products and work your way up.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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