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Stars and Strains: Pisces – March 2018

Aries Sativa

Keep your financial ambitions high and watch your career flourish into new ideas and achievements.  There will be plenty of time to enjoy personal things after the retrograde of Jupiter. Now is the time to use your high energy to achieve your work goals.    Your zodiac sign aligns well with a sativa blend to keep your spirit alive. Practice living a healthy balanced life by taking time to eat right and avoid things that are not constructive.  You will need to be healthy and strong to get the most from your positive energies. Take a daily CBD dose to help maintain strength and balance in your bodies systems.

Taurus Indica Hybrid

The planets have aligned with balanced indica strains to provide you joy this month.  You have been working hard towards goals and the seeds you have planted have grown into new fruits.  It’s time to harvest the bounty that awaits you. Enjoy the encouragement from your family and friends and use it for extra confidence.  Find your dosing with edibles to help stay relaxed and fight fatigue from hard work days. Try microdosing 2.5-5mg of THC and seeing how your body reacts.  It’s about feeling the small changes and being sensitive to what’s around you. Stay high but stay aware family!

Gemini Indica Hybrid

Just because your life is picking up speed doesn’t mean that you have to.  Keep balance by staying active during the day and more relaxed at night. Remember to take time to yourself to enjoy the quietness of your surroundings.  If you are anticipating a change in work aim for a better job. Do not settle for mediocre in your work life or love life. Smoke the best and be the best!  Remember that CBD is great for daily use. It’s great for an active style and will help keep your bodies defenses strong.

Cancer Sativa Hybrid

Your energies are strong this month and align well with a sativa hybrid.  Do not be afraid to let new people into your life but be careful of new relationships.  Your health is strong and you can handle long days. Just remember to make time for yourself and your own thoughts.  Your dreams will still be waiting after your time spent caring for friends and family. The moons cycle this month aligns well with your sign and you will feel a quiet in your soul.  Enjoy this quiet time with cannabis sativa.

Leo Hybrid Sativa

There are good things in store for your finances this month.  However, this should not be your focus. Keep up the good work but focus more on having fun.   Medicate yourself with laughter and moments of spontaneity. This effort will serve you well in old age because routine can be stifling to both creativity and health.  Shake things up with some excitement and become a master of the spontaneous. Having fun takes effort and practice just like the work you have mastered. Since you have done well at work you can reward yourself with the finest cannabis treats available.  Live the good life and try some high end flower and concentrates. Mix it up!

Virgo Indica

Most zodiac strains are in the northern hemisphere and will not affect the energies of a Virgo this month.  It’s full speed ahead with your ambitions. Keep yourself centered by making a plan each day and working the plan.  It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when the universe does not provide you obstacles to slow you down. Try relaxing under the stars and smoking a joint with only the sounds of nature to massage your thoughts.  Relaxing your mind like this each night will provide more productive days!

Libra Hybrid Indica

You will need the sativas and the indicas this month.  Things that are normally important in your everyday life may not be so vital this month.  Take time to medicate with close friends and encourage each other. Give your family all your love and extra efforts this month.  Cannabis is nice that it can be used for kicking into gear for extra energy and also out of gear to wind down. Each strain has both capabilities for different people.  Find the one that makes you feel social so you can support family and friends who need your attention and love.

Scorpio Sativa

It’s time to come out of your shell and exercise some extrovert qualities.  Your personality is plenty social but you need to make efforts to speak to more people.  Let’s remember how easy it is to affect someone’s day with a nod and a hello. The planets are jumbled around your zodiac sign and this is your chance to mingle.  You’ll be surprised the genuine relationships that you make by speaking to random people in your life. Try making conversation with others in the dispensary waiting room and you might find a new cannabis friend in your neighborhood.    

Sagittarius Indica

This month work on becoming a better listener while at home and work.  You will appreciate what you learn about your friends and coworkers just by letting them talk.  Smoke an extra joint and dose some edibles to stay calm. You may find it hard to balance your new endeavors but the universe will speak to you if you practice listening.  Later in the month Jupiter will align with your zodiac sign to bring strong heady vibes. Feel free to exercise personal freedoms with fun activities and new hobbies in your life.  Not everything has to be work all the time. Smoke a joint and enjoy yourself.

Capricorn Sativa

Planetary alignment indicates a strong family bond for the Capricorn this month.  It’s hard sometimes to balance your own will with your family and others in your environment.  Sometimes you must slow down even though everything in you says move faster. The progress you are making is great but it’s okay to slow down and evaluate your performance.  Smoke sativa flower during the day for heady vibes but try edibles at night to sedate the energy you are carrying. Feel free to take a short holiday for yourself and your favorite person while you are slowing down.  It’s good to change gears and operate at different speeds. This keeps your spirit healthy.

Aquarius Hybrid Sativa

Work on refining your environment this month.  Start by cleaning any chazzed bangers or dirty bongs you are smoking from.  If you smoke rolling papers buy the best and most beautiful ones. These small improvements in your environment that will make you more successful in many situations.  If you take care of your cannabis and smoking accessories they will take care of you. It’s all about focusing on the little things! Except joints. Don’t roll little joints.  This new attitude will reflect at work and in your love life. Making small changes brings big things into your life. Make your bed and clean your bong to feel rich and live long!

Pisces Sativa

This month finds the stars aligned in a way that is optimal for spiritual guidance and self reflection.  Take this time to learn about yourself and the things that interest you. Find out what you really believe in most and go after it.  Find new things to learn about your friends and focus on serving them. Your strengths are suited to helping others and this is what the universe needs from you now.  This means that you may help someone roll a joint who doesn’t know how. Use your positive energy to bring joy into their life. Learn more about cannabis and educate people about its benefits.  Do not be afraid of what people think of your choice to relax with cannabis. Show society what a productive and intelligent stoner looks like.

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