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Sour Garlic Cookies by Shango Cannabis

Sour Garlic Cookies | ⅛ Glass Jar Shango Cannabis Co. | Harvest Dispensary

All I heard was Garlic and Shango and immediately got excited. The team over at Shango produces some of the best cannabis in the Valley hands down, so I am always excited to try new strains from them. I usually prefer sweet, but there’s something about garlic terps that I just love. Although you may expect some sweetness due to the sour in the name, this sample produced pure garlic with a hint of gas that was mouthwatering and hit hard. The effects were very strong and sedative, then I saw the test results and knew why. This strain tested over 33 percent THC and 38 percent total cannabinoids, very potent but unlike most strains I’ve seen with results this good this one actually produced an amazing scent and aroma that work hand in hand with the high THC percentage. Great strain and definitely not for the novice smoker. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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