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Sour Diesel Live Rosin by Clean Concentrates

Sour Diesel | Live Rosin 1 Gram Clean Concentrates | Nirvana Center

Sour Diesel is definitely a classic strain that has been around for many years, but hash like this definitely has not been. This strain gets its name from the distinct fuel terpene profile this strain produces that usually contains some hints of citrus. This sample grown by Sonoran Roots and processed by Clean Labs was pure gas. With not even a hint of citrus, the gas-like aroma hit me in the face and crept down my nostrils to the point I could almost feel the aromas in my chest. The effects were strong, euphoric and uplifting, a true sativa. Although this was a bit on the drier side still was a very flavorful and potent product. If you have been wanting to try Clean’s new solventless products this is a great starting point. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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