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Sonoran Breath Full Spectrum Live Hash Rosin by Superior Extracts

Sonoran Breath | FS Live Hash Rosin Superior Extracts | Where: The Superior Dispensary

My boyfriend has turned me into a hash rosin lover. One of our favorite hash makers is The Superior’s @hashmanjohn. John has started washing Sonoran Roots flowers recently and we got lucky a couple weeks ago and were given this Sonoran Breath rosin. This budder was terpy and smelled delicious, like a sweet candy gas. Fired up my YoDabbaDabba terp slurper for this dab. The taste was exactly like it smelled, sweet and finished just a little gassy. About 20 minutes after my dab, I found myself in the kitchen with the munchies. Then I was relaxing on the couch for the night with Sons of Anarchy on the TV. The perfect evening after a long day of work. By Courtney Baker – @bake.gets.baked.


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