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Solventless High Terpene Extract Sauce by The Superior Dispensary

Solventless High Terpene Extract Sauce | The Superior Dispensary

The Superior Dispensary “Home Of The Solventless” has some tasty things coming, not just from the kitchen but from the Hash Lab. Most High Terpene Extract Sauces that we see are solvent based, but not here. Making Hash Rosin in this consistency with this flavor is truly an art in itself. So far I have seen them put out Snoopdawg as well as Candyland, but I’m sure there is more on the way. Right now they are combining these sauces with their Solventless THCA to give the patients and customers a potent and flavorful experience but honestly I’d take a bucket of the sauce. I just love my terps and if you pick up some Solventless terps from our friends over at The Superior Dispensary, ask them about their beautiful flavorful Solventless liquid gold. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

See more pretty pictures of concentrates here. For all Cactus Approved click here.


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