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Skiddles by Fuego CBD

99% pure CBD crystalline derived from Colorado grown hemp is infused with a blend of organic fruit flavors to recreate a spot-on candy experience. Available with natural full spectrum terpenes blends powered by xtra Laboratories.

Fire Warning over here! You won’t believe the saucy texture of the Fuego CBD! The taste is amazing and it feels very much like a THC dab. The sugary CBD wax melts perfectly in the banger and milks up into wonderful cannabis and citrus flavors. The terpene blend is amazing in these products, they have strains made with cannabis terpenes and some that are organically sourced. The difference between this and lesser CBD products is the balanced terpene profiles. It makes a big difference and you will feel the effects from the Skiddlez CBD wax almost immediately. Fuego CBD is perfect for midday dabs or lounging in the evening and can be used regularly for recreation or relief of symptoms caused by inflammation in the body. Fuego CBD wax is great on it’s own and also goes well with other concentrates. Order Fuego CBD online or visit their location in Tempe.

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