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Shango Cannabis | Papaya Cake Pre-roll | 1 gram

Papaya Cake

Shango Cannabis | Papaya Cake Preroll | 1 gram

Some of the best pre-rolls we've tried this summer, Shango pre-rolls are strain-specific and ultra-fresh flower, packed into 1g gram joints. Papaya cake is a strain made from OG heavy genetics, and tests over 20% with a really nice terpene profile, including mild tropical flavors alongside heavier melon notes like cantaloupe and honeydew. This has indica/hybrid effects that are potent but easy going, a great choice for relief on the go. If you’re looking for a larger pack, check out Shango Sevens, 7 pre-rolls at .6 grams each, for a total of 4.20 grams.


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