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Shango Cannabis | Blue Sushi

Blue Sushi

Shango Cannabis | Blue Sushi

The Blue Sushi strain from Shango Cannabis in Arizona is testing at 25% THC and 31% total cannabinoids. We picked this up on a BOGO from Trulieve on Bell Road in North Phoenix. With a lineage descending from Kush and Skittlez, this slightly indica-dominant strain exhibits stunning visual characteristics and an enticing aroma. Its uniquely geographic genetics and recent hybridization contribute to its own new distinct flavor profile. This strain offers users a harmonious experience, providing both an awakening and relaxing sensation simultaneously. Shango Cannabis consistently brings out the best in hybrid strains, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for medical and recreational consumers. For more information, explore more characteristics of 2024’s menu of premium cultivars at

3.5g Jar


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