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Self-Care Source: Artemis Oils

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Marlene has been a friend since our time in a Phoenix dispensary, and she has always been an inspiration for kindness. Her tenure at the dispensary with myself wasn’t long, but I understood immediately her brilliance, as well as her empathy to help others. Committed and educated, she is someone I see as a colleague when considering a new form of medicating, or about the effects and quality found in new flower strains. Since that time, she has applied all her experience and knowledge into a new venture, Artemis Oils. If you have been looking for a new self-care regiment in quarantine, to get your skin, soul, and intentions in order, you’ll want to consider her naturopathic formulas. As someone who isn’t fully aware of skin care, I really was unsure stepping into the limelight. The trust placed in my friend, and her hard work has led me to a new way of thinking about myself after trying the line of skincare scrubs and oils. 

As I started using her skincare items, I understood right away that I had not grasped the benefits of a skin care routine before. I began by using the Coffee scrub in my morning showers, only to find myself feeling cleaner, moisturized, and more awake than if I drank a cup of coffee. I paired this with use of the main Artemis Oil blend as a skin moisturizer, to my amazement I found my skin to be healthier as well as better moisturized. In the interest of gathering opinions against my own findings, I sampled out the rosehip oil, as well as a sugar scrub to some testers who care about their skincare routines. To my interest, their findings were similar if not great, and no complaints were made about the results of overall healthier skin. In my conversations with Marlene I found myself expressing my amazement and new-found understanding of her commitment to helping others. This might be my one-shot, self-care, opus; but really, I would just like everyone to read about Marlene’s desire to create something that helps others.

What is Artemis Oils?

Artemis Oils is my brand of herbal infused olive and jojoba oil products that I make with minimal, reliably sourced ingredients. The idea that less is more.

How did it start and what was your goal?

There are many reasons as to why and how I started Artemis Oils. My original intention was to make a multi-use moisturizer to even out my complexion, reduce my fine lines and early sign wrinkles. It turned into my creating an oil blend that was not only good for my face but my entire body with multiple uses and applications. I was shocked to hear such positive feedback and different ways that my product was being applied, when my friends tried it out and asked to buy more. From easing stress, dark circles, to easing arthritis and chronic muscle pain. It is the only moisturizer I use now, and I no longer wear concealer on my face since my complexion has improved greatly.

How many products do you have?

At the moment, I have 4 advertised products. There are 2 types of oil blends – my Artemis oil original blend and a rosehip oil blend as well as 2 types of face and body scrubs – the Egyptian blue lotus coffee sugar scrub, and the California poppy with lavender sugar salt scrub. All of my products contain my original base blend of olive and jojoba oil.

What sorts of ingredients do you use?

The Artemis oil original blend consists of cold pressed olive oil, organic jojoba oil, lavender, myrrh and tea tree oil with dried lavender flowers. I also use Puerto Rican coffee sent by my father who was born and lives in Ponce, PR. Once a month I wildcraft rosemary and salvia clevelandii, also known as California blue Sage, off the hillsides on the Ventura coast.

What are some of the benefits of these ingredients and their oils?

The herbs and oils I use have similar and differentiating properties. Working well in concert. They seem to fortify the effects of each other. Lavender is most commonly known for relieving stress, pain, and as a bug repellent with its numbing effects. But it also acts like hyaluronic acid which is in many beauty products that diminish wrinkles and tighten the skin. It is also good for shrinking the pores, repairing skin from sun damage as well as treating minor cuts and wounds.

Myrrh acts like lavender with a more potent hyaluronic acid effect.

Jojoba oil matches the naturally occurring sebum of our own skin along with the olive oil making it an effective natural transdermal oil, easily absorbed by the skin. I often suggest adding cannabis or CBD oil for an enhanced medicinal use on aches or pains. An oil that doesn’t leave you oily or clog pores.

What sets it apart from other brands?

My small batches are made once a month in the light of the full moon, herbs are wildcrafted in small quantities before each batch. Hence why I chose to name my products after the Greek goddess of the moon and of healing, Artemis. I do not claim to have discovered anything new or revolutionary. Ancient peoples have been using oils and plant essences for a long time. I aim to keep close to the simplicity of the belief and experience that less is more when it comes to ingredients going on my skin or in my body.

Do you have a favorite?

Right now, it’s my Egyptian blue Lotus coffee sugar scrub. It contains my Artemis oil original blend mixed in. It makes my skin so silky smooth and leaves me with a dewy glow. The coffee smell wakes me up, the blue Lotus chills me out. This is my most recent product and so far, everyone who has tried it has loved it. I received a message from one person who mentioned that everyone in the house uses it.

Does the quality and knowledge of where materials are sourced matter?

100% For me I find it to be the most important part of my product. Not all oils or suppliers are created equal. It is important to know who and what you are supporting. Whether or not ingredients are reliably sourced as well as free of harsh chemicals. Also, to ensure quality and consistency in your product especially if It is going on/in your body absorbed through the skin. I use the same kind of olive oil and jojoba consistently; I have tried other varieties and brands but was left dissatisfied at the quality of my products. I am big on consistency since I use my products daily.

Small batch production can be tough, but what are some of the benefits of it for the client?

Small batch production allows for me to connect with each person on a more intimate level. They often feel comfortable enough to tell me their story. I become part of their journey to Healthier skin and lifestyle overall. I am also able to customize oil blends for individuals with specific needs.

You moved from the cannabis industry to this starting an infused oils business, what inspired that?

My introduction to the use of medicinal herbs started early on, my Ama, a mestizo Raramuri, would treat me with herbal teas and topicals. Knowledge and a gift she had since passed down to me. My experience with cannabis and the industry expanded my knowledge of herbal constituents, the efficacy of terpene profiles, so everything came full circle, allowing me to realize that I can help others, not only myself. I plan to eventually provide items with and without cannabis infusion, to enhance the medicinal effects of my products.

Any advice for those new to cannabis?

Learn your terpene profiles and their effects. When trying anything new, start out slow, and do not be discouraged if one product does not work, everybody is different. Once you find what terpenes and methods of consumption work for you, it will be much easier to navigate through the labyrinth of cannabis and its various types, products and applications.

Do you have any favorite strains, products, or dispensaries?

I am a time and place for every strain type of person, though I love my sativa dominant hybrids. I really enjoy Alien Rock Candy and Lambs Bread to name a couple.

I’m currently using a full spectrum cannabis oil by “Love Angeles CBD” by Jeff Greisler, a small batch producer, he grows, and makes his own oils. The knowledge he applies and care he puts into his product show. From plant to product. I add it to my oils for my post workout or menstrual pains. I also give it to my dog for his joint pains.

Does the desire to help carry over from advocacy of cannabis to Artemis Oils?

Absolutely, I love the excitement when people ask me for help and trust my advice on use of herbal medicine. To be able to share information from personal experience that may potentially aid in someone’s relief is satisfying. I was originally learning for myself, and my own quality of life. Working in the cannabis industry gave me a passion to expand and use my gift to help others.

Where can people find you, and what can they expect in the future?

I am working on a website now. I can be found primarily on Facebook, and Instagram @artemis_oils, as well as Etsy. You can expect consistency in my craft. New products and customized orders. I am currently working on a blend (a leukemia patient dealing with painful lesions.) I am also looking forward to my “Apawthecary” line of topicals/ herbal soak kits for pets, made with recipes I use for my own fur babies.

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.


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