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Sabor A Mi

Some people have the power to put food together to feed the soul. Dishes so tasty it can end one’s problems for the few seconds they are consuming it. Food courses that you would never believe belong together are now inseparable. Food so good you can have the same ingredients but yet it will never come out or taste like Sabor A Mi. “We started Sabor a Mi because we wanted to provide a better future for our kids in hopes that they wouldn’t have to work as hard as we did if we set the right path for them. We truly enjoy cooking and we wanted to share a piece of our cultural upbringing and use that to connect with others.” They reply.

Sabor A Mi

In just one short year, Sabor A Mi has turned the pop up game upside down. Selling out from one corner of the valley to the other. Chandler, Mesa and even Glendale are just a few cities that go crazy when Sabor A Mi is in town. Voted Arizona’s best Birria, they are especially known for their “Birria Ramen.” “It’s a dream come true, we’re truly grateful for the customers we have. They are willing to travel all over the valley and wait in long lines just to eat our food. It’s honestly an indescribable feeling. We’re proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and we’re thankful for their support,” Said Sabor A Mi.

Sabor A Mi is the community and is known to give back. They work with some of Arizona’s best to build the community stronger. Ziggy’s Pizza, Luciano Knows Best and Home Made Genius – just to name a few of the community leaders they work with. “We don’t really have a favorite person or business we like to vend with. We just pop-up with like minded people, people who just want to show up, hustle and actually enjoy what they do. Yet, if I had to pick, it would be my team. They’re amazing. We have a great group of hard working guys that give us their all, every single time. As long as my team is there and ready to work, I know it’s going to be a good time.” They have been through a lot in the short time they have been around but they stay strong together. Putting feed the people first. Sabor A Mi has been able to get past the negativity and keeps serving the public. In 2021, Sabor A Mi is planning on putting their food in everyone’s stomach with pop ups throughout Arizona and working with other vendors like On A Sunday Afternoon. “A Brick and mortar is the next step for us. We definitely want to open up a restaurant, and we’re actively looking now. We hope to find the right space that allows us to continue to serve our food and deliver the Sabor a Mi experience. Our entire menu is delicious, but my favorite is the quesitaco. It was the first item on our menu and still our #1 seller. The combination of dipping the tortilla into the broth and stuffing it with meat & cheese then grilling it into a crunchy taco just speaks to our people.”

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Adam Maya aka “The HoMiE ToE” is one half of the Arizona music group “HoMe GrOwN”. Within the Arizona group, ToE is the manager, event planner, promoter, beat producer, etc. The co-host and co-founder of HoMe MaDe GeNiUs Podcast – a podcast that provides a networking platform for Arizona. He is a loving father and dedicates his life to his children. ToE also spends time volunteering at a youth sports organization called Rep it Sports, where he is a coach, event organizer, counselor, and mentor. ToE is cannabis friendly and believes in working hard, staying loyal and just loving living life. All smiles Arizona native.


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