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Roach Clip: HomeGrown | Interview

Hip-hop is the culture where rap resides, there are many styles from the instrumental to the lyrics. Some rap fast, some rap slow, others come with untimely flows. Arizona hip-hop is on the verge of something big. With the largest independent hip-hop festival in the nation, thanks to folks like Respect the Underground and all the local talent they showcase. In the game of rap, the beats are as important as the lyrics. Homegrown is a rap duo from Glendale, AZ made up of The Homie Toe, the beat wizard, and a modern day poet laureate known as Top Notc. Not only did they grow up together, their friendship has made a unique splash in the hip-hop scene and beyond.

Introduce yourselves homies

Toe: I am the homie Toe, you can follow us @Home_grown_az on Instagram, the homie Toe on Facebook.

Top Notc: You can find me on Instagram @topnot6, had a lot of fun doing this the first time looking forward to doing it again fellas.

What has changed since your first visit to the podcast?

Toe: Actually, since today a lot of new followers, a lot of love. That was actually our first time back doing something, where not only people here can see, but everywhere can see. We got new fans from Chicago checking it out, it was pretty dope.


What is the sound of Homegrown?

Top Notc: I would say it has a little bit of a west coast vibe.

Toe: I would say bay area. What we grew up listening to would be a lot of Mac Dre, Baby Bash, Bruner, a lot of those guys back in the day. It’s kind of more of a bay area influence.

Top Notc: We definitely bumped a lot of their music, it definitely inspired us.

Toe: I feel we can pretty much do anything.

Top Notc: We have a different vibe, you won’t hear just one sound. You will definitely hear some songs that you would not expect to come from us. When Toe comes with a beat, I might go anywhere with it you never know. A lot of times he brings a beat and I’ll just go from there.

Toe: Our thing is to try and keep up with today’s music, but to also bring back that real music.

Groups often break up after a few years, what’s kept you guys together for over ten years?

Toe: We were best friends before this music started, a lot of people talk about where they come from, how the streets made them. We made us, it’s us together, we believe in ourselves more than anybody. We’ve already lost a few people as a group.


How do you guys handle a disagreement?

Toe: To be honest, I understand my place in the group. I understand what I can bring as far as talking to people, getting things set up, bringing the beats. My job is not only to talk and do all that other good stuff, but to bring the track and he just takes it home from there.

Top Notc: First and foremost, it’s probably that we are best friends, even if the music went away, we will still be homies and hang out all the time. He says he knows his place, I know mine too though. I’ve tried downloading apps to make beats, and it’s hard. That’s what I tell him, it’s talent it’s not luck. Eventually, he got better and better and it was like “we are using these.”

Thanks to @Home_grown_az for stopping by. Follow us on instagram @Roachclippodcast

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