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Raspberry Beret Live Rosin Cartridge by Local Solventless

Raspberry Beret | Live Rosin Cartridge  Local Solventless | Where: Zen Leaf

So I usually don’t vape because it’s really hard to get that feel of a real dab from a cartridge, but with solventless options it’s a bit different. Instead of your normal cart that usually contains distillate which is flavorless and odorless which then has the terpenes reintroduced back into it, this one is made with solventless rosin that contains its own natural terpenes and actually tastes and feels like a dab. The raspberry was sweet and hard hitting, great for on the go but definitely not as discreet as it does leave a bit of a cannabis order after exhaling. The effects were pretty strong and long lasting. A great solventless option on the go that will definitely medicate you better than your normal cartridge. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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