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Q & A With Dr. Zane | Interview

We have a beautiful, wonderful guest, introduce yourself.

I’m Dr. Zane from Dr. Zane’s magnets.

What do your magnets do?

It pretty much sticks to anything and it holds your lighter, except for silicone. Just peel and stick it, you can put it on your ashtray, your dashboard, and your bongs. People love them, I’ve been giving them away.

When did you start making these bong magnets?

The magnets came in recently, but I have been working on this for I would say seven years. I would use a hose clamp before I found the adhesive, I would just do it for myself, and people just kept telling me do something, why don’t you market these. I was using Krazy Glue, but after a while the Krazy Glue would break, the bond comes off. Eventually i found this adhesive that worked, that’s where I got the patent.

Do you like to engineer things, are you a problem solver?

Yes I actually just patent another product, it’s similar to the lighter magnet, except this one sticks to your rolling papers, it’s a clip that has the magnet on it.

How many products do you have on the market?

One and a half, I have the patent, which is usually the hardest part. Next is to find someone that has a machine to build the final product. It is a very detailed process, they need to cut, bend, and twist. Dimensions are very important, I need a 3D Cad mock up, I already have the prototype.

Why did you start strapping lighters to your bong?

People are notorious lighter thieves, they just steal lighters. The original thing that really got me fired up, I was smoking with a friend at my house, a while after he left I wanted to smoke a bowl before I went to bed, and he had taken my one and only lighter, so I had no lighter whatsoever. I had to light a piece of paper off the stove, to try and light a bowl, it didn’t even taste good. I decided right then and there I was going to get a metal hose clamp, put that around my bong, and then Krazy Glue the magnet on to the clamp. It worked really well, I did that for about seven years, before I decided to Krazy Glue the magnet directly to the bong. I did that for about five years, before I discovered the adhesive. I had to do months of research, and testing many different to find the one’s that stick and last.

Where can people buy your magnets?

Go to, @drzanesmagnets on Instagram

Any last words?

I love you guys, thanks for having me. It was a lot of fun.



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