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Purple Larry Live Hash Rosin by Local Solventless

Purple Larry | Live Hash Rosin  Local Solventless | Where: Phoenix Relief Center

Sheeesh ! I must say the team over at Local Solventless has been killing it lately. I picked up this Purple Larry that was on sale probably because they had been sitting on it for a while. I assume this because of the dryness of the product but even with it being a more crumbly consistency it was still extremely terpy. Pure candy with the faintest hint of petrol creeped up the nostrils. The flavor was a lot more gassy than expected with the sweetness still coming in strong on the back end of the exhale. The effects were strong and more cerebral but still definitely relaxing for the body. A well balanced buzz that still seems more suitable for later in the day to help unwind. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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