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Purple Apricot by Tryke

Purple Apricot | Pre packed 8th Tryke | Where: Reef

Another product I’m really surprised I haven’t reviewed yet is the Purple Apricot produced by Tryke available over at our friends at The Reef Dispensary. Although I have reviewed this strain from a different grower, I still have to say Tryke was the first in the Valley and in my opinion has the best one as well. Never a high testing strain it never disappoints and is always extremely flavorful. The smell of sweet, almost candy like oranges mixed with earthy berries is usually the nose coming off this one. The flavor matches the scent almost exactly. The effects are very strong but purely euphoric and uplifting. One of my favorite strains of all time, I would say this strain is always a perfect go to no matter what you’re doing or what time of day. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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