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Puffco | Proxy Hash Vaporizer w/ Recycler

Puffco Recycler

The Proxy is Puffco’s newest vaporizer, designed specifically for vaporizing high quality hash. With four precision heat settings and a simple single-button interface, the puffco is the gold standard for quality, durability and ease of use. The Proxy Kit comes with the compact vaporizer insert and a tobacco style glass pipe that it fits perfectly into. The setup can also be expanded with different pieces from Puffco’s Proxy Collection, like the Recycler shown above. Master glassblower Ryan Fitt designed the glass recycler to fit the Proxy Vaporizer, delivering bigger, cooler hits than the original basic tobacco pipe design that comes with the Proxy Kit. This borosilicate glass recycler is the latest in the Proxy Collection, fitting comfortably in hand and effortlessly blending performance and portability. Available at and your favorite smokeshop.


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