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Puff, Pass & Ponder: Sedona Cannabis

I recently went to Sedona for a girls weekend with some of my best friends from around the country, and it could not have been more incredible. Keep in mind, if you live out of state, Sedona is not an extremely easy destination to get to, but with its gorgeous scenery, delicious cuisine, and opportunities for outdoor adventures and relaxing inside, it’s completely worth it. You’ll have to fly into Phoenix International Airport, and then rent a car to drive to Sedona, which is typically 2-3 hours depending on traffic. We rented an Airbnb because we had a party of 8, which worked out perfectly for our group. There is no public consumption allowed in Arizona (as with all other states), so if you want to smoke indoors, make sure you are securing cannabis-friendly lodging (Airbnb does offer quite a few different options in this category).

Cannabis is medically legal in Arizona, but there is no reciprocity of medical cards, so if you’re hoping to procure your goods once you arrive I would suggest re-thinking your strategy. According to “technically, Arizona recognizes out-of-state medical marijuana authorizations but, unfortunately, doesn’t allow out-of-state patients to visit local state-licensed dispensaries. So long as you are a registered medical cannabis patient in your home state, you can still enjoy the beauty of the desert, picturesque sunsets, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World—the Grand Canyon—without worrying about having your medicine confiscated.” Again, I can’t legally tell you to travel with cannabis across state lines, I’m just letting you know your options!

Our group opted for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, as we are all pretty active but wanted to chill out… and doing some sort of activities during the day makes me personally feel less guilty at night when I stuff my face with good grub. We did a 3-mile loop on the Jordan Park Trail, which is located at the edge of the Coconino National Forest. This hike is difficult enough but not too intense, and if you’re like us and you walked from town, burns enough calories to that you can really enjoy a great dinner that night. The Bell Rock Vortex trail can vary anywhere from 1-5 miles, and I HIGHLY recommend this trek… I wish we would have had more time to spend there, but unfortunately it was snowing, cold, and growing dark when we were able to make our way to it. Experiencing a vortex isn’t about seeing a certain location, it’s about the vibe you get when you’re in the area, and how open you are to the idea of spirituality and being the creator of your own destiny. If you’re feeling especially open to the natural rhythms and magic that Sedona has to offer, you can visit Madame Bonnie for a psychic reading, or seek out crystals at any one of the spiritual shops in town (make sure they are already “cleared” for you). Our group also did both massages and facials at the Sedona Rouge Lounge, which offers reasonably priced spa services, and access to their steam room, private women’s hot tub, and lounge areas. This was a truly wonderful experience and definitely provided the much-needed relaxation I desired for this trip.

Being from the Bay, which has one of the most hyped and diverse foodie scenes in the world, I’m always a little skeptical when people suggest restaurants in small towns and pin them with the much-revered title of “the best meal I’ve ever had”… but Mariposa’s Latin-inspired cuisine was definitely one of the most delicious, inspired, yet affordable meals I’ve ever had, and our group raved about it. The lemon-zested herb butter scallops, bone-in ribeye, and lobster scampi mashed potatoes are all a much-order… we ended up doing a huge variety of food to share and so much wine that I’m shocked we weren’t escorted out at the end of the night, because we were starting to get a little rowdy. My dear friend and owner of this magazine, Michael Cassini, ended up being in Sedona the next day, so we were able to catch a delicious lunch (and even a secret smoke) on their patio overlooking the river at Hideaway House. I swear, Mikey and I always end up finding each other no matter where our travels take us, whether it be Nicaragua, Denver, Las Vegas, Spain, or Sedona, so the company, cannabis, and the food were all fantastic.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sedona… I had heard it was beautiful and magical, but I couldn’t believe how much there was to do and how quickly our girls’ weekend flew by. I would absolutely, positively go back, and this time spend more time exploring the natural beauty of different hikes in the area and check out the other three vortexes. This was the perfect place to mentally decompress, physically rejuvenate, and get a little high.


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