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Papaya Cake by Shango Easy

Papaya Cake | Pre Packed Half OZ Shango Easy | Where: Nirvana Center

Would you rather have an exotic fruit or a nice creamy dessert for a snack? Well why not have both and in a good amount by scooping this pre-packaged half ounce from the team over at Shango? Although the nugs aren’t the big beautiful buds Shango loves to stuff in their jars they definitely are the same strains and quality just in smaller sized more popcorn like buds, and when I say popcorn I don’t mean pebbles and shake. You can still see the beauty and trichomes on these nugs. The smell was more like a creamy cake strain with hints of a unique fruit on the back end. The flavor was nice and creamy with notes of fruit on the exhale. A potent but pleasant and relaxing buzz this strain was not too sedative but not the most uplifting either. If you love Shango do yourself a favor and save yourself a few bucks and scoop one of these. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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