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Originals Family Farms | Oakstradam OG

Oakstradam OG

Originals Family Farms | Oakstradam OG 

Originals Family Farms has truly delivered a cannabis masterpiece with their Oakstradam OG, especially as a gift from the Chris Brown release party. This strain is a genuine treat for OG enthusiasts, maintaining the pure essence of OG Kush with a touch of distinction. The meticulous care in manicuring and hand-trimming each nug showcases Originals' congruent sizing of the buds, a testament to their commitment to quality. The flavor of Oakstradam OG is best described as pure, a nod to the OG Kush heritage that Originals has preserved and labeled as their own OG. Having experienced the clean, slightly gassy flavor profile of Oakstradam Kush, I'm a true believer in Originals' craft. The effects are consistent with the OG lineage, providing a long-lasting, awakening experience without inducing drowsiness. While this type of Kush nugs are generally smaller, the ones pictured here exemplify the quality and craftsmanship of Originals Family Farms. In the realm of commercial production, Originals stands out as one of the top growers at scale. Their commitment to preserving and enhancing the OG Kush legacy makes Oakstradam OG a standout and secures its place among my favorites in the modern cannabis world.

3.5g Jar

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