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"Mush Love" Rolling Papers Pack by ZZZ's

“Mush Love” | Rolling Papers Pack | ZZZ’s Rolling Papers | Where: available online at

I was introduced to ZZZ’s Rolling Papers in a Puff, Pass & Paint class in Denver, and was struck right away by how beautiful the packaging is. Each pack has artwork designed by a different artist from around the world… local artists are even able to submit their designs online, which is SUPER cool! They aren’t only cute though; they’re incredibly high quality and smooth to smoke. They’re easy to roll, and burn slowly and evenly because they’re made of high quality organic and unbleached hemp. ZZZ’s is such a cool company that celebrates the natural collaboration between cannabis and creativity, and gives back to artists. My favorite design currently is “Mush Love” by Cecilia Granata, but I will definitely be getting more of their gorgeous packs!

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