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Ms. Bell of AZ Natural Remedies | Interview

Rosin Bell caught my attention with her amazing rosin skills on full display thanks to Instagram. As I continued to watch, her thoughts, views, and education are well articulated. Her content isn’t strictly cannabis as she also educates about other naturally occurring outdoor plants that are beneficial or edible. She engages with her audiences, has wit, great humor, and works hard to provide the right information about rosin and hash. She has learned from and is endorsed by some of the best hash makers I know so if you have an interest in hash or rosin, take some time to check out her content.

What’s your IG handle?

What company do you represent and what do you do?

Right now I make rosin and hash for Arizona Natural Remedies and Nug o’Budder (available soon at Oasis)

What would you recommend people try from your brand?

I definitely recommend trying a traditional Temple ball at least once!

You’re becoming known for your excellent hash knowledge, what drives you to learn about hash making?

I honestly fell into hash making after not being able to find the quality I was looking for. I first heard about rosin in early 2015 when I began my cannabis career as a budtender at Horizon THC. I knew I had to get my hands on some quality solvent-less after a few to many dabs that would pop and sizzle on me.

I have a weird tendency to get completely involved in everything I do. I’m not one to really half ass things. When I finally decided to invest into my own personal press (2018) I knew I had to completely understand exactly what I was doing. The more I researched the wilder it seemed to get, and I just got hooked! Sense then it’s become a meditation practice for me that is more powerful and connecting than any yoga practice I’ve ever attempted.

I also appreciate your content related to nature, identifying wild plants, foraging, and fungi education. Where does that come from?

The wild! I fucking love it! I’m definitely a wild barefoot child and it would seem that the plants/fungi call to me sometimes. Moving to AZ however, is what changed the game for me and wild foraging. Being from WA I was always told that PHX was one big flat dry desert without any life whatsoever. Well, that was a fucking lie! Obviously there is lots of plant and fungal life here but what took me by surprise is how many of them are a superfood, a super medicine or both! I can honestly say I would be much more concerned about being stranded in the forest than in the desert! The fact that so many people here walk around with poison weed sprayers in their yards is why I started posting about my plant and mushroom finds. To me, that’s a goddamn tragedy that can only be eradicated through education. Weeds are friends and food!

What changes do you hope to see in regards to cannabis?

I’m hoping for two changes actually. One is the better education of cannabis, especially in the extract world, and the other is more transparency within the industry. High THC is great but Full Spectrum is where the medicine is at.

How old are you in pot years?

Oh man, I want to say I first smoked in 2006 or 7. First time out of a soda can and the second time a pen tube. Eventually I got a cheap pipe.

Any hidden talents?

Oh man, which one do you want to know about?! I have a few but you have to hang out with me to know any of them.

Any other favorite strains, products, or places to get your medication?

I can be a bit picky about what I smoke but I tend to be an indica girl. Right now, I’m in love with the cultivars Miss USA and Banana OG.

Your IG rosin content is great quality, when you press, is that for you giving transparency to your patients?

I honestly just love what I do so much I take a thousand pictures like it’s my kid or something. I decided to make an account and actually show the pictures to others and it’s been a huge success. People really seem to enjoy watching the process and I feel it helps patients learn about solventless extraction as a viable and safe way to medicate. I also enjoy bringing my press with me to events and squishing a patient’s flowers for free so that they can see and understand the process and how easy it is. Transparency is key.

What changes would you like to see concerning new laws around cannabis?

The only thing I really want to hear about with cannabis, in regards to laws, is full and indiscriminate decriminalization of the plant. If I can’t plant cannabis next to my tomatoes in my garden like cilantro then it’s not free and someone is going to assume they have control over it. You may have seen me throwing weed seeds in my stories, well here and there I toss a few cannabis seeds too.

What changes do you think will come with legalization?

Legalize < decriminalize. I follow what’s happening in regards to legalization but honestly to me, it isn’t real till it’s decriminalized. So it’s all just talking and taxing till then.

Where can people find you and any announcements/events coming up?

My life is pretty wild right now and very day by day so the best thing to see what I’m up to is to follow my Instagram page. Any new product drops and any new events will be posted there for now.

Follow Rosin_Bell on Instagram and get educated on her craft, so you can be the pinnacle of self-care during these strange days. When things get back to normal, whatever that was or may end up being; I hope you are able to connect with people working for our health and understand that they’re here to help. I imagine this is when our lives become more digital-focused than ever, but I urge you to place importance on human interaction because truly having people in your life, is what makes life worth living.



Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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