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Miss USA Dry Sift Rosin | Nug O’ Budder

Miss USA Dry Sift Rosin | $45/g MSRP Nug O’ Budder | Oasis Dispensary

Although this cross of Strawberry Banana and Kosher Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid the effects were still very uplifting and euphoric. With more of a floral scent it did contain very strong tones of fruit. When dabbing it seemed to do a °180 with the fruit flavor coming in first and the earthy floral tones on the exhale. This definitely was a very tasty, smooth and satisfying solventless treat. And although you may not be able to kiss the chef especially with all this covid stuff going on, give @rosin_bell a follow on her IG. Reviewed by Arturo Delgado.

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