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Midnight Gospel | Review

The concept of this show is pretty simple, Clancy has a universe simulator that he uses to travel to strange worlds to interview people for his spacecast. Loosely based on Duncan Trussell’s podcast The Duncan Trussell Family, Clancy’s spacecast deals with topics like drugs, love, life, death, and forgiveness.

The conversations alone are worth listening to, but when combined with the side stories woven together into brilliant animations, a new type of media is born – the spacecast. Titmouse Studios – known for Big Mouth, Metalocalypse, and The Venture Bros – animates each spacecast, elevating the topic they are talking about; the design of the characters and the backgrounds reflects the conversation at a deeper level. This can sometimes be confusing for a moment, but it continues to enlighten us about the concepts that are being developed, creating an impact on you that will not leave you indifferent towards the depth of conversations. The sensations that they wanted to transmit with the animation and the secondary plot (Clancy’s problems), have managed to create a dialogue with the viewer along with the conversations. It is as if it were visual and intellectual food, leaving the viewer wanting to see more and discover this spacecast universe where nothing is what it seems, with each chapter leaving you more amazed than the previous one.


Irene Llorente BIO

Irene Llorente is a designer and writer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. She likes drawing with pencils, painting with watercolors, and sometimes she works in digital 3D. Her interests include nature, specifically birds and bugs, exercise and historical theology. See her art on her website or Instagram.

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