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Microbes & Microphones: Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens

An interview with a Bacillus species

Derex: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us today on “Microbes and Microphones.” Today we have in the house, a little lady who goes by the name of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Now, am I pronouncing that name right miss? 

BA: Yes, that’s right Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, but I go by Amy, it suits me better. 

Derex: Before we get started do you have any questions for me?

Amy:Yes I do, Why in the Bacillus do you keep me in that freaking hot box?

Derex: Oh! It’s actually called an incubator and is required in order to get you to the proper concentration.

Amy: What is that awful smell? Smells like you know what. Please excuse yourself.

Derex: That smell, well it’s produced by many of your friends and enemies. Smells like boo-boo right.

Amy: Well, my choice of word was Shit!

Derex: You’re right. It’s your shit! but for this interview we will refer to it as biofilm. Any more questions?

Amy: One more question. Are you going to be interviewing any of my cousins? Bacillus subtilis and Bt.

Derex: There is a good chance I will. Why?

Amy: Don’t listen to a word they have to say. I am the only Bacillus you need to interview okay, Okay

Derex: Got it. Shall we begin? If you dont mind can you tell me how you got your status in the nutrient section within the cannabis industry?

Amy: I don’t mind at all. Let’s get right down to it, I would say it all begins in the roots. That’s my neighbor and where I call home. It’s a little crowded down there, but the location is perfect and you can’t beat the food. 

Derex: I’m assuming you are referring to the rhizosphere correct?

Amy: Correct

Derex: Is there something that you do to Cannabis sativa plants that makes you so special?

Amy: I guess I was born this way but I have the ability to break down starches into simple sugars. What can I say! I like to eat and feed the community. I also have the ability to keep the plant free of diseases caused by pathogens.

Derex: How so?

Amy: My main purpose in life is to feed the plant but as of late my family has been disturbed by some uninvited guest. Wait..

Derex: What’s wrong?

Amy: I am totally lying, My main purpose in life is to feed myself.

Derex: Uninvited guest?

Amy: I can name every last one of them.

Derex: Who are they?

Amy: Oh it Fusarium, Pythium, Grey mold or Botrytis. When I detect the presence of these bad guys I release a can of kick ass right away.

Derex: Hmm

Amy: Come on man, I secrete powerful antibiotics that either kills or keeps them away from my daughters and the roots structure.

Amy: If those creepy crawlers touch the roots, Game Over.

Derex: Ok I think I understand.. The pathogen is something like a bad mold and when it comes in contact with the roots or any other part of the plant; it can cause damage which then leads to a disease.

Amy: Bacnificent 

Derex: Do you play a role in the flavors we taste? Terpene profile.

Amy: Absolutely, although the cannabis plant appears to have its own genetics, I do my best to provide a full spectrum of nutrients including trace minerals like copper and cobalt. Big time flavor enhancers. Yep I hear people talking all the time about how they are responsible for increasing the terpene profile in cannabis. 

Derex: I feel like there is so much more we can chat about.

Amy: Why don’t we?

Derex: Ok this just came across my mind. What happens when someone applies too much of you?

Amy: Yeah it happens all the time. These freaking people think we are robots or some super natural species.

Amy: We are fighting for our lives as soon as we hit the soil.

Amy: it’s like moving to a new neighborhood you know. It takes a minute to become a custom to your surroundings.

Derex: Can I spray you on the leaves or flowers?

Amy: Of course, I protect the leaves just like I protect the roots. Spraying me on the flowers may lead to an increase in humidity. The bad guys love humidity.

Derex: I have one or two more questions.

Amy: Three

Derex: Which bacteria should I interview next?

Amy: Seriously, It’s obvious you didn’t ask me enough questions. They are all dead. Yep! THEY ALL DROWNED.

Derex: What is your favorite cannabis strain?

Amy: Bacillus Og, the original strain from mother nature.

Derex: Any last thing you would like to say to our listeners?

Amy: I would like to say thank you to the experienced scientists that keep me well maintained, free of contamination and mutation.

Derex: Thank you Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Thank you to the readers out there.

Microbes and Microphones out.


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