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Microbes and Microphones Ep.3: Pseudomonas fluorescens

Anthony: Hello everyone, thanks for joining us on another episode of Microbes and Microphones. Now before we begin, our guest Ms. Pseudomonas fluorescens has a special request for us. She asks that we kill the lights here in the studio, so we’re hosting this episode in the dark. How’s that for you?

Flor: Thank you, that’s much better. You can call me Flor, but you gotta roll the “r” okay?

Anthony: Alright, I’ll remember that, but I have a question for you. What’s up with you, why are you glowing?

Flor: Just like the name says, fluorescens so I glow. It’s all part of my special metabolism and metabolites.

Anthony: Well I’ve never known marijuana to glow in the dark. So how exactly are helping out these fine cannabis plants?

Flor: There are few different things I’m known for, so let me break it down for you.

First of all I produce antibiotics that target pathogens in the root zone. They combat plant diseases like Downy and Powdery Mildew. More than that, I help stimulate a response from the plant’s own immune system. I let the plant know, “I’m a good guy, I’m here to help. Don’t worry about me, attack those fungal pathogens.” Here, just watch and I’ll show you what I mean.

Anthony: Wow, the whole room is glowing? How did you do that?

Flor: That’s the rest of my family, we’re just talking now. It’s how we communicate.

Anthony: That’s a little trippy, what else should our listeners know about you?

Flor: Umm well I’m probably the toughest bacteria you’ve ever interviewed. I know Amy and Lydi came through but they ain’t got nothing on me. I’m like the city that never sleeps, the energizer bunny, can’t stop, won’t stop, never going to quit. My people live, thrive in some of the harshest conditions around and we can operate without the presence of oxygen.

I do this all with the help of my special metabolism. It allows me to function no matter what the conditions may be. Even when temperatures fluctuate from day to night, I can still perform and continue to help protect our plants.

On the ground, my plans are a little different. The idea is to work on heavy metals and any type of pollutants that may be in the soil. My family and I change the reactivity of these compounds and metals. We turn them into compounds that can’t be absorbed by the plant. Meaning the heavy metals don’t make it into the flower and it stays out of your lungs.

Anthony: Clean medicine, that’s just what the doctor ordered. Speaking of that, do you medicate? And if so, what’s your medicine of choice?

Flor: Yes of course I medicate and well my name is Flor, so I like to put the pedal to the metal. I usually pick up something bright, that’s stimulating and energizing. My strain of choice would be Race Fuel OG, it smells like a gas tank and will light you up.

Anthony: I like the sound of that. We have time for a few more questions and then we have to wrap it up. So would you be open to a reunion show with the other quest we’ve had on the show?

Flor: Hmm that’s going to be a tough one. You know when we all get together, some of us just don’t get along. When my cousins and I get to fighting and there will be some casualties. I don’t want to start any trouble, but like I said I’m the toughest bacteria out there and I’ll be here for the reunion. You can count on that.

Anthony: Hold up just one minute, did you say casualties? Y’all kill each other? Man that’s a hardcore family function, straight up dysfunctional.

Flor: Well the reunion was your idea, I’m just giving you a heads up on what could go down. Sometimes we get together and there isn’t a single issue and other times it’s like “Fight Club.”

Anthony: Um, well, yeah thanks for sharing that information with me. It has been an interesting talk with you Flor. I am now thoroughly re-considering this “reunion” episode we had planned. Thanks joining us today folks, we’ll catch you on the next one, Microbes and Microphones signing out.

HyKreations is a Scientific Solutions company offering Microbials, Fertilizers, Consulting, and Writing Services. HyKreations is located in Goodyear, AZ and can be reached at: 602-527-5678 (Derex) or 602-527-3767 (Anthony). Check out their website, visit their Facebook page, and give them a follow and a like on Instagram.


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