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MAC | Percy Live Hash Rosin by The Superior

MAC | Percy Live Hash Rosin The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

Although I am more of a fan of the sweet, citrus and fruit terps, there is just something about the unique profile of MAC that just gets me every time. This triple threat of Colombian x Starfighter x Alien Cookies always produces a unique earthy and rubber profile with tons of gas and a bit of sweetness. The Superior Dispensary did an amazing job with this fresh press. Everything I expected with just a bit more sweetness than I’m used to from this strain made it a very pleasant experience. Although the effects were strong, they were not sedative, just a bit of body relaxation while still having a strong uplifting buzz in my head. I have to say MAC has become one of my favorites and the team over at The Superior Dispensary produces some of the best in the valley. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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